August 23, 1992

(Locution very early that morning. I heard Jesus tell me after I had been praying to Him:

“I am happy that you are taking time so early in the morning to talk to Me; tell them1 that My Heart is an Abyss of Love; tell them that they should not put Me to the test anymore;”

And that they should read 1 Co. 14:26-32.)

(Later on:)

O Lord Jesus Christ, to Your most Sacred Heart I confide this intention:

Help us and shepherd us,
give us Your Peace,
Son of the Eternal Father, lower us,
so that Your Eyes, King of the Heavens,
may look down from above,
O Beloved Son of our Father,
do not allow multitudes to be crushed,
men are dying of corruption,
speed Your Work, O Holy One of the Father,
and may Your Return be hastened;

You who are the Delight of the Father,
do not allow the world anymore
to defy the glorious Presence of Your Holy Spirit.
My eyes are turned towards You, O Lord,
and my heart takes its refuge in Your Sacred Heart
to obtain Peace and Love,
do not leave me defenceless!

I have made you fearless of men; this is My doing; in My Day I shall have an answer for those who taunt Me now; as for you, My daughter, I find My delight in your nothingness;

the Son of your Father

tells you: I shall continue to spread out My Messages, those who oppose Me will run into the Cornerstone and will be crushed;

the Delight of the Father

tells you: I am doing a great Work that no man can stop, and as for those who charged on you bitter accusations, I tell you: their hands will drop and their plans will not work out; My Heart is consumed with longing for your love, generation, and is ablaze like a burning Furnace; I love you all with all My Heart, with all My Heart I love you! behold, I will pour out My Love to you all to adorn your wretchedness;

Lord, how is it the world has become so corrupt?

have you not read: where there is no guidance, a people falls; 2 the mouth of the perverse brings forth no wisdom, yet he who perverts will be found out; nothing remains hidden in My Eyes; but in these days of Mercy, My Hand is still stretched out for anyone who will cry out repentance, they shall be rescued;

Love is near you, My little loyal friend; the Amen blesses you, come and worship Me; I Am;

1 The group of Rhodos.