August 9, 1992

(Rhodos, Greece)

(After a rain of persecutions after I had spoken on the T.V., calumnies and blockages. Many conversions and repentances were made during the program. But then a fire was lit by a monk, who combats the Lord’s message.)

Vassula, My Call has awakened many dead hearts;

I shall speak for the sake of all those who are standing around you: remain in Me more than ever and do not fear; so much have I written to you about My Love; whoever keeps faithful to Me will not be uprooted by the tempests, but he who would leave the world to overcome him will lose My Heart; the Spirit has anointed these Messages, the Spirit is Truth, therefore, no one will be able to obstruct the Truth; I have levelled a path for you, so pray that you may proclaim My Message as clearly as you ought to;

take My Hand and walk with Me; dearest soul, I Am is your Holy Companion; all I have to say for now is: courage, be blessed, and be united; pray in your tribulations; all the saints are with you; we, us? come;


O Lord! Hear my prayer,
listen to my cry for help,
do not stay deaf to my crying. 1

faith, My child, have faith in Me and trust Me; sorrowful you must never be when persecuted; how long will it take you to understand Me? look, I Am is leading you and I am known to have overturned kings and whole kingdoms when these became an obstacle for My passage; I have exalted the lowly and overpowered the haughty; come, do not blame the proud, pray for them;