July 23, 1992


I Am; love Me more;

Vassula, are you prepared? the Spouse then will continue engraving in you His Work; you and I are united in My Love, are you aware of this?

Your Breath blows on me
telling me that I am counted as one of Your children,
although my spirit, still weak and uncomprehending,
remains perplexed at Your choice.

creature, your Creator is with you incessantly; do not reach out for anything else but Me, I am with you; creature? your whole life should revolve around Me, your life is in My Hands and you are nothing but a speck of dust; desire Me; today I made you taste the sweetness of My Love and the warmth of My Heart; dearest soul, enter into this Heart that loves you and R-E-M-A-I-N there;