July 8, 1992

“There was a vine: You uprooted it from Egypt;
to plant it, You cleared a space where it could grow,
it took root and filled the whole country.
Your Message covered the mountains with its shade,
Your cedar with its branches,
its tendrils extended to the sea,
its offshoots all the way to the river.
Please, God, look down from heaven, look at this vine,
visit it, protect what Your Own Hand has planted.” 1


I Am; little one, lean on Me;

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, rejoice! your King has come all the way to your doorstep and into your room; your King has stooped down from above to reach you; step by step I have taught you, I am your Educator, little by little I have drawn you away from the world to plunge you into My Heart; I have revealed to you things beyond your knowledge and your capacity;

believe, My sweet pupil, I, Jesus, love you; have My peace; we will work together; I and you will spread My Message; I shall send you to a few more nations, then, when I feel you have accomplished your mission, you shall return to Me; I, Myself, shall come and fetch you;