July 3, 1992


I am your Holy One coming down from Heaven to drench you all with the dew of My Love; oh that the heart of mankind turns from wickedness! I give you mighty signs of My Love but who is there to acknowledge My Love? Mexico! your King is here to take you in His Arms;

I am here,

stooping down to you to whisper in your ear the greatness of My Love;

have you not understood that Our Two Hearts were the Ones looking after you? Our Two Hearts are here to settle in your homes and protect you from the fierce anger of Satan; today I am calling your nation more than ever to set your hearts for Me, your Lord, every little one of you is so very precious to Me;

come, come and love Me; moisten My parched lips with your love, I will heal all the disloyalty in your nation and your King will give you rest; I bless each one of you and tell you from the core of My Heart.

Love loves you,
be one in My Love;