July 2, 1992

(Our Holy Mother.)

Christ is soon with you; you labour, My child, but anything you offer My Son for His Glory will sanctify you and will glorify Him; it was God’s purpose to reveal Himself to you for the sake of His Body, the Church;

daughter, remember: Jesus will never, never fail you; remember how you entrusted Me with the Messages you are receiving? I, as your Mother, guard what you have given Me, and today like yesterday I will continue spreading quickly My Son’s Messages;

Satan may sound virulent and may appear as though he triumphs over every nation and that his victories are glorious, but, Vassula, soon I shall conquer him, for this is My battle;

daughter, I shall comfort you and give you sufficient strength to continue your mission;

(The Lord speaks now.)

please Me and announce My Words everywhere I send you, stand firm;

lean on My Heart and feel loved; tell My children to consecrate themselves and their families to Our Two Hearts; consecrate yourselves so that I mark you as Mine; hear Me, I tell you solemnly that there will come a time of distress like never before; the earth is already seeing the dawn of this time; stand firm and do not allow yourselves to be deceived;

many are claiming that they hear Me proclaiming messages, but I am not the Author of these messages nor your Mother either; I have already warned you of these times, I have many times warned you that in these times many false prophets will arise, to ruin your Master’s Works with lies; the ears of those who hear will be alert, the heart of the hasty will be deceived (many will try to deceive you, Vassula, saying that I, Jesus, am sending them to you, but they are false prophets); remember many false Christs will rise, some will produce great signs and impress even the elect; there, I have warned you again;

daughter? will you allow Me to continue this Work in you? pray, so that you may not fall into temptation; I shall open the way for you; do not fear, My Love for you is Eternal;