April 19, 1992

Cities are raised on a single Blessing from Your Mouth,
altars in ruin are rebuilt by an instant look from You,
and the dead come to life with a single breath from You
to extol Your Holy Name,
and all those whom You covered with Your radiant dew
made their peace with You,
but everything is demolished by the mouth of the wicked.
Death does not extol You,
it is the living who praise You day and night.

you have said well, daughter, the prize of the victory is with all of you; 1 double your prayers, your sacrifices and your fasting; treat your natural desires of the flesh hard; treat your body hard and do not allow it to comply with its cravings; make your body obey you; be in a constant prayer to Me and in every course you take have Me in mind; I am your God;

pray for your brothers and sisters who follow a false religion, 2 a false image of Myself; the devil has gone down to your generation in a rage; these sects were prophesied in the Scripture; Vassula, these false religions have spread in My Church3 like cancer in a body; these sects are the cancer of My Body; they may argue that true wisdom is to be found in them but Satan is trying to deceive if possible all the world, even the elect;

the world’s stubborn refusal to repent has led it to error; your generation knew Me, yet it refused to recognise Me; it preferred to follow in its obscured mind Satan’s doctrines; I have offered My Peace but the world refused My Peace; the world instead exchanged My Glory for a Lie, it exchanged My Perpetual Sacrifice for the disastrous abomination:

the spirit of rebellion

given by the Rebel;

the world has exchanged My Divinity for a worthless imitation: a mortal man, it has given up Divine Truth for a Lie; but, it has been said, 4 that at the end of Time, Satan will set to work and that there will be all kinds of miracles and a great deal of a deceptive show of signs5 and portents and everything evil that can deceive those who are bound for destruction because they would not grasp the Love of the Truth which could have saved them;

this is the reason why I am sending a power to delude them and make them believe what is untrue, is; to condemn all who refused to believe in the truth and chose wickedness instead; the power of the Rebel6 is such that he has without any fear appeared openly now to everyone; this is the one of which the prophet Ezekiel7 spoke of, the one swollen with pride, the one who claims to be God, the one who apes the Truth, the one who considers himself as My equal and says that he sits on My Throne; the Rebel is indeed the Enemy of My Church, the Antichrist, the man who denies the Holy Trinity;

have you not read: “the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ – he is a liar, he is Antichrist and he is denying the Father as well as the Son, because no one who has the Father can deny the Son, and to acknowledge the Son is to have the Father as well;” 8

these doctrines of Satan teach you to believe in reincarnation, whereas there is no reincarnation; they keep up the outward appearance of religion but have rejected the inner power of it: the Holy Spirit and the Holy Communion, My child; Satan goes disguised as an angel of light to deceive many, and together with the Rebel9 he will confer great honours on those who will acknowledge him, by giving them wide authority and by farming out the land at a price; 10

but I tell you truly, that soon heaven will open and My Fire will come down on them and consume them,

Faithful and True,
I Am;
Judge and Integrity,
I Am;
the Word of God,
I Am;
the King of kings and the Lord of lords,
I Am;

and I repeat to you My Promise:
I shall indeed be with you soon;

1 That is: Victory depends from us.
2 Sects like Jehovah Witnesses, New Age, Moonies etc.
3 We are all the Lord’s Church.
5 Satan, aping God, can give even the stigmatas, like he has given them to someone belonging to the sect of New Age.
6 Freemasonry.
9 Freemasons.