April 18, 1992

Fraud and oppression fill their mouth,
spite and iniquity are under their tongue;
there in the reeds they lie in ambush
to kill the innocent where no one can see. 1

My poor and wretched instrument, grow in My Love; I am He who adopts you, so be in My Love and grow in My Love; you will eat out of My Riches to reveal Me and glorify Me; blessed of My Soul, write:

where there is mistrust and rational thinking there is also arguing and contention; this sort of people intellectually are living in darkness and are estranged from the Spirit’s Works; daughter, they have not yet perceived My Beauty ….

I have chosen your heart, My child, to become My Tablet upon which I would write My Love Song to all My children; I made out of you a Hymn of Love; My words are not printed only; My words on you are alive and are Spirit; I have given you sound teaching;

do not worry about those who come to you with unending arguments and with a craze for questioning everything and arguing about words; these people are the prey to the Tempter and are allowing the Tempter, by giving him a foothold, to get trapped into ambitions; lay your hands upon these people and bless them: “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit;” you will honour Me and glorify Me;

1 Ps. 10:8 (Samek) Pe.