April 26, 1987

let Me tell you, beloved, that I have drawn My designs before you were born; we will be working always together; are you willing to?

I am willing to, if You accept me, in my incapacity, My God.

I love you; Vassula, I will help you;

earlier last week you were ravaged and attacked by evil; nevertheless I have written with you every word I wanted to; I covered you;

Was this when the devil cursed me?

yes, while he was cursing you infamously, I was blessing you; I protected you;

(Later on:)

let Me tell you, Vassula, that the least you are the more I will be; allow Me to act in you and do My will in you; be nothing; feel nothing and let Me be everything so that My word reaches the ends of the world and My Works of Peace and Love entice every heart;

allow Me to remind you of your misery, so that by reminding you, it will prevent you from becoming elated, by all the graces I have given you; be My pure altar… fisherman of men, spread My Net of Peace and Love all over the world, have It pulled and let Me delight at Its catch! when I was in flesh on earth, I taught a small group of men to become fishermen of men; I left them in the world to spread My Word to all mankind; I, the Lord Jesus, will instruct you and show you how this work was done;

(What can I say? How could I do anything, let alone such a mission; I feel that the message is getting heavier by the day. I do want to please God but with what means. I can only see an Alp in front of me and the revelation heavy on me.)

I am bearing My Cross together with you; yes, It is indeed heavy, do not weary though; I, the Lord, am helping you; keep close to Me I will not forsake you;

Still, it’s so much.

(Jesus is encouraging me to continue.)

Vassula have I not helped you this far? so why would I abandon you; lean entirely on Me; trust Me; what I have commenced and blessed, I will finish;