January 27, 1992

peace be with you, little child;

this grace has been given to you so that I, through you, will open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf; I will continue to manifest Myself through you, in this way; you are a most imperfect instrument, but My Compassion sees your efforts in your imperfection and My Wrath gets disqualified by My Tenderness; never doubt of My Love; I want weakness so that I may do everything;

it is I, Jesus,
who shall give you1
the directives to Unity;

the hour has come for My Body to be glorified; men shall soon learn in which way I wish them to unite, My Way will not be their way ….

now I have revealed My desires to them, I have revealed My Heart to them; with My Power I shall unify the dates of Easter, it will not be forced upon you, I shall find a means with Peace; yes, with immense power I shall surprise you; today I have told them which course to take, and tomorrow I will lead them where I chose;

1 To humanity.