January 30, 1992

(Gera Lario, Italy)


I Am;

Am I to write what I have seen at dawn?


– I have seen Russia.

do not weep; she will recover; weep bitterly rather for those who have gone away from Me; I will rebuild her; weep for the man who is dead; I will embellish her, Vassula;

O God, I have seen her misery! What I have seen is this: A woman approached me, young, not very beautiful but neither ugly. Her name: Russia. She came over to me and I noticed from her clothing that she was poor.

– She opened her mouth to talk to me and I saw then that half of her teeth were missing and that made her very ugly, but I knew that a woman, so young, would do something if half of her teeth were gone, unless extreme poverty covered her.

Russia, in spite of her poverty and misery, was courageous, and on her feet. She showed me her bread-giver, an old-fashioned instrument; 1 Russia was telling me that she will work on it, to be able to earn whatever and keep alive.

I was torn inside me with sadness. Then, another woman came; she was also Russia; she too, most of her teeth were missing. Then two more women came, all of whose teeth were missing and showing extreme poverty. 2 Then, suddenly, a young man enters. He was the Husband of Russia. I noticed that He was well-built, healthy, tall and very good-looking.

– I thought: how could He stand someone like Russia, with no beauty in her and repulsive for lack of teeth … while I was thinking all these things, Russia’s Husband approached her tenderly and put His Arm around her shoulders. And I saw in His Eye, Infinite Tenderness, Love and Fidelity for ever and ever. I saw that He would never abandon her in spite of her unattractiveness. – I recognised You, my Lord.

no, I shall not abandon her, nor does she repulse me; I am her Father and her Spouse, and My Name is Faithful and True; I shall dress her up again giving her fine clothes, and her heart will be the ornament of a sweet and gentle disposition; I have never ceased to rain a downpour of blessings on her; I shall never deprive her of My Love; ah, Vassula, be patient as I am patient, lean now on Me;

1 It looked like a weaving textile machine.
2 Four women poverty-stricken, does that mean four years of famine in Russia?