November 25, 1991

Lord, have I failed You in any way?
You have called me but have I really responded You?
Have I really listened to Your Voice,
or have I been ignoring It?
Have I maybe been insensitive
to the appeals of Your Sacred Heart?
Have You taken Your Loving Eyes off me, O Holy of Holies?

In the anguish of my spirit, I pray and ask You:
Where are those Eyes so loving upon me?
Where is my Abode, Your Sacred Heart?
How is it I cannot hear Your Voice,
or feel Your Presence?
Have I lost Your Friendship
because of my insensitivity?
Have I lost Your Companionship, O Holy of Holies?

My priest! the corpse will be tossed inside a hole, buried and forgotten; daughter from Egypt, have My Peace; I have placed you in the land of the living; look at Me and be confident of My Love and Friendship I have for you; do not make Me weep out of pain, how would I desert you? but the evil one is desperately trying to loot all the riches I Myself have offered you; out of the pit I have taken you and back in the pit he wants you buried; daughter, trust Me, orphaned I shall not leave you; take My guarantee, daughter; I shall never abandon you!

hear Me: be reassured, you have not wasted your breath; 1 you are so, so weak and powerless and ah! how My Spirit can breathe freely in you! whispering in echoes I flutter at your ear My Words that are to be uttered in My Assemblies; why, soul, you are unlearned and utterly powerless for all that are Knowledge and Wisdom; so how could your spirit comprehend all of this unless the Spirit who speaks through you is My Own?

Vassula2 …. you are so very precious to Me…. listen, My child, there is an Angel by your side to take pity on you, console you and pray for you; wait, I have more to say; I recognise your stupendous weakness, this is why I shall use this weakness to draw My people to Unity and show them how I, the Lord, feel in their negligence; I will show them what is most desired by Me; I shall, in your weakness, show them how I feel about those distinctions they have created among them; – tell Me, are you not all alike, made by My Own Hands?

Yes, Lord.

who has not been made according to the likeness of My Image?

No one Lord! How does their way of thinking affect You, my Lord?

because of man’s base pride, My Father’s Cup is filled with His Justice, because of their rigidity they are left uninhabited! many of them talk of unity and brotherhood, but their words are fallacious, void;

– prove yourselves in your Maker’s Eyes by bending; prove yourselves in your Maker’s Eyes by unifying the date of Easter; prove yourselves to Me by breaking bread together; robe yourselves in majesty and splendour with humility and not with an outward appearance of religion and piety;

repent! – once you lived in humility, simplicity and unbounded love with rich food covering your table; yes, the greatness of My Church exceeded everything and every living creature, because the Eucharist made the life of My Church;

– if My Church today lacks brightness it is because many of My churches have abolished My Perpetual Sacrifice; 3

– can one peer through this shadowed darkness and still claim they can see? can one boast of having escaped ambushes in this darkness? but so long as you say: “we see”; your guilt remains! I have said that there are other sheep I have that are not of the one fold and that I have to lead as well; but no sooner do I bring a wandering lamb back to the fold to lead a True Life in Me, no sooner do I restore back his sight than you charge on him to take away the Kingdom of Heaven from him;

– could a devil open the eyes of the blind? could he make him cry out “Abba!” so, unless you repent, My Father’s Hand will fall upon you; I can no longer sustain His Hand from falling; unless you forgive, each one of you, your brother from your heart, My Father’s Hand will fall more rapidly than you think;

1 The Tempter came to me saying that I was not doing enough for the Lord and that all my meetings in England and Ireland were a total ‘fiasco’ and that all my words said to them were wasted. I panicked and thought the Lord had turned His back to me.

2 Jesus uttered my name almost in a whisper.

3 Predicted by the prophet Daniel: Dn. 11:31.