December 3, 1991

(Another message for the Philippines.)

tell My people that they are like bricks, and I can use them for the restoration of My House; I can, if they allow Me, use each one of them; allow Me to guide you all; abandon yourselves to Me without inquiring, why; just trust Me, your Lord; offer Me your will but do not object at Me when I use it; pray with your heart; and confess your sins; reflect on My Passion and all I have offered you;

December 4, 1991

(Before one of the meetings in the Philippines.)


I Am; fear not, I have not abandoned you; I love you;

beloved daughter, your apostolate is to spread My Glorious Light in every nation; spread all that you received from Me; this, My child, is what you will have to do; the rest, I will do; by doing the work I have given you I shall protect you; you have nothing to fear; I, Jesus, so much love you;

– now, do not try to understand but by testing you I make your spirit grow in holiness; be at My service, child, by doing the work I have given you; I shall always encourage you to witness with zeal for Me and My House, and I will always discourage you from looking to your left and to your right; I shall not be harsh with you because of your appalling misery;

– since you will be serving Righteousness Himself, I will have you fastened to Me to stand firm by My Side; otherwise, alone, you will waver;

– now, My Spirit, your Holy Companion will lead you with enthusiasm to My children; by grace you will speak for Me; I am with you and I shall never fail you; come,

December 5, 1991

(For the Philippine prayer group.)

I bless all of them; tell My children that My Heart is ablaze and on fire ready to consume them; they have only to step inside My Sacred Heart and I will leave them ravished for Me their God;

(Then to a particular one.)

– I am today offering you My Heart; take It; Jesus is My Name and Jesus means

– Saviour –

Love loves you;1
and you, My offspring, continue to weave all that I have given you; empty you shall not be; look, your table is full and without Me your table will be empty: it is I who provide your soul; so cling to Me and you shall live; My Holy Kiss is on your forehead; I love you, love Me;

1 Jesus then turned to me.