November 22, 1991

(Ireland – Cork)

beloved children, I give you My Peace; the world is falling into decay, but I have not forgotten you; I am visiting you in your distress to help each one of you reach your Room in Heaven; you are Mine and you are all very precious to Me;

I am the Light of the world,

so do not fear, I ask you to pray for those who have hardened their heart and do not believe in the Truth; never cease your prayers;

I, the Lord, have passed through your cities, Ireland, and although at the moment you do not know the Plans I have designed for you;

– remain in My Divine Love and you shall feel strong,
– remain in My Sacred Heart and you shall prosper,
– remain in My favour by your constancy and faith,
– remain in Me, and you shall live;

I, the Lord, bless each one of you leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

remember: Love loves you;