September 23, 1991

All day long, I sigh for You,
my Yahweh, my own,
Your love that You showed me
I cannot forget. – Never –
Your Kindness, my Yahweh, my own,
I shall remember as long as I live.

I pine away with love for You,
my Yahweh, day after day,
and I no longer wish to associate myself
in this world that wounds You,
and to know that I am among the first who wound You …
My soul wants to proclaim all Your wonders to the world
and my feet want to run to the hill-tops and cry out to the world:

“Your Creator is Your Husband!
His Name, Yahweh Sabaoth.
Yes, like a forsaken wife, distressed in spirit,
Yahweh calls you back.
Does a man cast off the wife of his youth?
says your God.” 1
Yet I fear, O my Yahweh, my Abba and my own.

My soul yearns and pines away for Your House and
all I long for now is to be with You.
So do not ask me why my spirit is downcast,
since my sighs are no secret for You
and all that I sigh for is known to You:
my soul awaits You, my Yahweh,
come and invade me; come and consume me.

Vassula….do not hide, My child2 ….daughter of Egypt, I have appointed you as assayer of many nations and you are very precious to Me; do not misunderstand Me, I do not need you and you are not indispensable for this work either; but having chosen you, a nothing, glorifies Me, and purifies you; then, everything I own, I wish to share with you; do not fear; proclaiming My Messages, My Holy Spirit will fill you with My Words and you will boldly proclaim My Word; so go now to those to whom I send you, I shall not abandon you, nor will I leave you uninhabited, My Holy Spirit is your Guide and your Counsellor;

I have only begun to reap My Harvest …. reap with Me …. you have not sown this Harvest; I did all the sowing in you and now I want it everywhere; now that the Harvest is ready all I ask from you is to reap it with Me, My daughter; offer your assistance as a sacrifice; I am not asking you much ….

….what do you see, daughter?

Your Son’s Holy Face, smothered from pain. His Face is like on the Holy Shroud.

is this not enough a reason for proceeding and sacrificing a little bit of your time and energy? look again, daughter …. what do you see now, Vassula?

I see something like a soft red cloud filling the sky, hovering above us and yet moving like mist and taking more of the sky; it moves gently but steadily.

write: “like dawn there spreads across the mountains a vast and mighty host, such as has never been before, such as will never be again to the remotest ages;” 3 yes, it is near …. and now what do you see, Vassula?

Live human torches.

see carefully those very souls I created …. these shall never reach the Room I had prepared for them, these souls are under Satan’s power, and they will not share My Kingdom nor My Glory; they are heading for their damnation …. tell Me, have I deprived any soul of My Love, My Glory and My Kingdom?

– No, Lord.

but they have chosen not to love Me and willingly followed Satan; they cut off, by their own free will, the bonds of our union; and now look again, Vassula, what do you see?

O Lord, a Woman, sitting on a white rock. I see Her from the back. She’s wearing a long black dress and has Her Head also covered with a long black scarf. She appears to be in great distress and is doubled with Her pain. – I see myself approach Her. She lifts Her Face, and I start to weep too with Her. It’s Jesus’ Mother, our Mother. Her Face is very pale and filled with tears. Upon seeing me, She stretched Her left Hand out and pressed it on my arm.

I am the Woman of Sorrows, familiar with misery; I am the one who will recover for you: Hope; I am the one who will crush and trample with My heel the serpent’s head; My Eyes weep ceaselessly these days without relief, My Eyes have grown sore over all My children;

Vassula, My daughter, do not close your ear to God, do not close your ear to My request; you heard Me weeping; I have defended your cause, and always will; when the Lord fastens you to Him, it is out of Love to pour out His Heart in your heart; today, 4 to you in turn His Cup will be passed, do not refuse to drink, hesitant you must not be; your streets are polluted with innocent blood, and Our Hearts are sick, this is the reason for My Tears, this is the reason why the Lord will share His Cup with you;

treason barricades unity among brothers, insincerity of heart induces God’s Cup to augment; they wrenched the Body of My Son, divided It, mutilated It and paralysed It; I am reminding you all that through Him, all of you have in the One Spirit your way to come to the Father, yet you remain divided under My Son’s Name; you speak of unity and peace and yet stretch a net for those who practise it; God cannot be deceived nor is He convinced by your arguments; the Kingdom of God is not just words on the lips; the Kingdom of God is love, peace, unity and faith in the heart: it is the Lord’s Church united in One inside your heart; the Keys to Unity are: Love and Humility;

Jesus never urged you to divide yourselves, this division in His Church was no desire of His; I implore My children to unite in heart and voice and rebuild My Son’s primitive Church in their heart; I am saying My Son’s primitive Church, since that Church was constructed on Love, Simplicity, Humility and Faith; I do not mean you to reconstruct a new edifice, I mean you to reconstruct an edifice inside your heart; I mean you to knock down the old bricks inside your heart, bricks of disunion, intolerance, unfaithfulness, unforgiveness, lack of love, and reconstruct My Son’s Church by reconciling; you need intense poverty of the spirit and an overflow of wealth of generosity, and not until you understand that you will have to bend, will you be able to unite;

– so My Vassula, join Me in My prayer, as you saw Me praying before; I am with you, My child, very much; comply with Love’s desires; Jesus will never abandon you, be united in your love with Him, for one purpose:

to glorify Him;

now, daughter, 5 do you understand why you should not give up reaping with Me?

keep on praying; and bless those who persecute you; your hour has not yet come, My dove; I will be gentle with you and you will be all the more loved by Me; do not try to understand what is beyond your power; drive in the sickle when you see Me driving in My Sickle; do not delay your step, follow in time with My Pace; if I delay, delay too; speak up when I give you the signal and keep silent when I look at you; always defend to death The Truth; scathed you shall be from time to time, but I shall allow it just enough to keep your soul pure and docile; know that I am always by your side; reap when I reap; learn to be patient as I am Patient; be very humble and effaced; I have entrusted you with My Interests6 to work with Me at My side, and I have appointed others too to join their services in this work;

– Vassula, My child, a little longer, a very little, and your soul will fly to Me, so there is no reason to feel downcast as you tell Me, you have but to lift your head and look Who comes all the way to your room, Who sups with you, Who shepherds you; ask Me to forgive your sins, so that you may receive My Peace and that you may have joy again; tell My children that soon I will send My Holy Spirit in full force to shepherd you and lead you all back into the true Fold and live a

True Life in Me your God

2 I was hoping that I need no longer go out to the nations and be present witnessing. I was hoping that my Father consents with my desires: to stay home, meditate, love Him, meet Him in writing, meet Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and thus avoid crowds.

4 Meaning, these coming days.

5 The Father’s Voice again came back.

6 I also heard: “Ministry”.