September 19, 1991

My Lord, You are my Cup
and my very soul rejoices in You.
Your great Tenderness upholds me
to cross this desert, my side by Your Side,
my hand in Your Hand.

“It is for You I am putting up with insults
that cover me with shame,
and make me a stranger to my own brothers,
an alien to my country’s other sons;
but zeal for Your House devours me!” 1

Vassula, let Me whisper My Words in your ear, that you may glorify Me;

– do not listen, My lamb, to what the world says, because from it comes nothing good, listen to Me, I who am your Father, and by listening carefully, you will carry out the work I have confided you with; trust Me, My child, and come to Me for advice, come to Me for consolation; come to Me when the fever of this world rises against you and burns you; come quickly to Me, your Abba, and I will heal your blisters; I am He who loves you most tenderly and I will nurse you always back to health; I shall always soothe the wounds the world inflicts on you for the sake of My Holy Name and for witnessing on My Love;

remember: up in Heaven I Am watches over you and takes care of all your problems; remember too that everything you do is not for your interests nor for your glory but for the Interests and the Glory of He who sent you;

let My Spirit of Truth shine on you so that you, in your turn, reflect My Image, reminding the world of My True Face, since the world seems to have forgotten My True Image; – in a short time all of you will learn how to live a

True Life in God

and be one with Me as the Holy Trinity is One and the same, because all Three of Us agree;

– My little children, I shall not be long, I am already on My Way of Return; I am telling you this before it happens, because when it does happen you may believe that this Voice you have been hearing all these years, came from Me; I am telling you this so that you may rejoice, because I, too, rejoice for this Day when Satan’s head will be crushed by My Mother’s heel;

– hear Me: I shall pour out My Spirit on this evil generation to entice hearts and lead everyone back to the complete Truth, to live

a Perfect Life in Me your God;

but be brave, because there will still be a Fire before My Day, so do not fear nor be sad, because without this Fire, the world’s face cannot change …. and when it comes, it will show the world how wrong it was; it will show its godlessness, its rationalism, materialism, selfishness, pride, greed and its wickedness; in short, all those vices the world worships;

no one can say that I have not been telling you the outset of My Plans; no one can say that I have been hiding My Plans from you;

I am The Truth

and The Truth will always open His Heart and expose to you His fervent Plans as they are …. the Truth will always give you the choice of proving yourselves to Him; – if I had not spoken to you, if I had not been opening now the Heavens to you, you would be excused, but I have been calling you day and night; without ceasing I have been sending you My angels to speak to you; I raised from nothing, wretched souls and formed them into fervent disciples to go and knock on your doors and repeat to you the Words I Myself have given them; no, they were not speaking as from themselves, but were only repeating the Knowledge that I Myself have instructed them with; they went to you in their poverty and barefoot to tell you of the things that are to come, not adding nor deducting anything from that which I have given them; all they said was taken from Wisdom Herself;

– now, I solemnly tell you, that when that Day of Purification comes, many will be sorrowful to the point of death for not having allowed My Holy Spirit of Truth to enter their house, 2 but have welcomed in His place the Viper, the Abomination of the desolation, and shared their meal side by side with My enemy; they welcomed inside their house the one who apes the Holy One, they worshipped the Deceiver, who taught them to misconceive My Holy Spirit:

My Holy Spirit, the Giver of Life
and The Inner Power of their soul

He who breathed an active soul into them and inspired a living spirit;

– I tell you solemnly, My Fire will descend in this world quicker than you expect it to come, so that those without sight of their sins may suddenly see their guilt; it is in My Power to bring this Day forward and it is again within My Power to shorten this Hour, for this Hour will bring so much distress that many would curse the hour of their birth; they would want the valleys to open and swallow them, the mountains to fall on them and cover them, the vulture to devastate them quickly, they would want to dash themselves to pieces; but no one will escape from this Hour;

those that truly love Me will suffer only for not having done more for Me; they too will be cleansed; but woe to those who rejected Me and refused to recognise Me, they have their judge already; the Truth that was given to them will be their judge on that Day;

– you heard Me say many times from My mouthpieces that

the Day of the Lord is at hand

and that My Return is imminent; if you love Me you would be glad to know that My Holy Spirit will come upon you in all His force and in all His glory; if you love Me you will continue to pray for the conversion of all My children who are unaware and still live under Satan’s power; if anyone loves Me as I love you all, he will listen to Me and will remain faithful up to the end of his ministry;

My little children, if you loved Me, you would perform even greater works than those I performed while on earth, but no one has performed anything greater yet because of the so little faith you have in Me, and the ever so little love you have for one another; no one yet has loved Me as much as I love you; but on the Day of Purification you will understand how little you have done because I will show My Holy Face in you;

– you hear those Footsteps? they are Mine; you hear the sound of My Breath already? it is the sweet sound of My Holy Spirit blowing through your wilderness and your aridity; you felt a Breath slide over your face? do not fear; like the Dove’s wings, My Holy Spirit touched you slightly while hovering above you;

O come! come to Me and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, I too will lift your soul up to Me and revive you! as I was lifted up in Heaven you too will be lifted up to Me to be nursed on My Breast; O come to Me! get thirsty again, thirst for My Everlasting Wells, thirst to be with Me, your God! I will without hesitation offer you to drink and turn My Water into a spring inside you, welling up to eternal life, for from My Breast flow fountains of living water, an inexhaustible Source; O come to Me! hunger again for My Bread, and you will not die! today, as yesterday, I stand up and cry out:

“if any man is thirsty, let him come to Me!
let the man come and drink who believes in Me!” 3

My forbearance is great, and although I know you are sinners and you have polluted the earth with innocent blood, 4 if you come to Me repentant, I will forgive your guilt and your crime; I am an Abyss of Grace; do not be afraid …. do not fear Me, fear rather the Hour if it finds you unaware and asleep;

– this is the Voice of your Father; this is the Voice of the Sublime Source of Love; this is the Voice of He who once said:

“Let there be light!”

and there was light; come to Me and I shall give you My Spirit without reserve; do not be like the soldiers who shared out My clothing and cast lots for them at the foot of My Cross; come to Me with John’s spirit, come to Me out of love; come to Me to console Me and be with Me;

– the Hour is coming when the world will find itself only in distress and darkness, the blackness of anguish and will see nothing but night; bewildered, they will call out to Me, but I shall not reply, I shall not listen to their cry; frenzied, they will blaspheme My Revelation, Wisdom and the Truth; the whole world will be inundated by distress upon seeing the

Ark of the Covenant, My Law;

many will fall and be broken, rocked and shaken because of their lawlessness;

– when the heavens will tear open, like a curtain ripped in half, showing them how they flung My Glory for a worthless imitation, 5 like stars that fall from heaven, they shall fall, realising then how Folly led them astray; how by trying to climb up to the summit and rival Me was only folly! when that Day comes, I will show the world how wicked it was, how they befriended the Rebel and dialogued with him rather than with the Holy One; the hour has come when constancy and faith, prayer and sacrifice are vital, they have become an URGENCY!

My little children, you who are sad now will rejoice later on; come, let us pray:

Father all Merciful
raise me up to Your Breast,
allow me to drink from the Running Streams of Eternal Life,
and by this I shall know that I enjoy Your favour,
O come and rescue me, before the Hour comes upon me;
cure me, for I have sinned against You,

Your Lips are moist with Grace,
Your Heart is a blazing Furnace of Love,
Your Eyes are Two Flames of consuming Fire,

O Father,
Your Beauty is Perfection in itself,
Your Majesty and Splendour
leave even the brightest of Your angels dazzled,
Wealthy in Virtue and Grace,
do not hide Your Holy Face from me,
when the Hour comes;
come and anoint me with the oil of love,
God, hear my prayer,
listen to my supplicating voice!
I must fulfil the vows I made You;

Eternal Father,
although the current is opposing me,
I trust, I know, I believe,
that Your Arm will be there,
to lift me and pull me out of this current;
O how I long to gaze on Your Sanctuary
and see Your Glory in the Ark of the Covenant!
O how my soul languishes to gaze
on the Rider of the Heavens
who carries the Name: Faithful and True,
He who will sweep away iniquity from the world,
He who is Just;
O come and cover me with Your Cloak
since Your Love is known for its generosity,

O Father!
do not brush me off like I deserve because of my sins,
but help me, provide me with my Daily Bread,
and keep me safe and away from the Viper’s fangs;
make me heiress of Your House,
make me Your child of Light,
make me a perfect copy of the Supreme Martyr,
to glorify You, for ever and ever;

Heaven belongs to you, My child; 6 live for Me, breathe for Me, have Me as First; love Me, My child, and all that I have is yours; by your love and your faithfulness My House will be your house too;

– rely on Me, your Abba; come close to Me and take your place in My Sacred Heart;

2 That is: their soul.
4 There was a stress, that Jesus put in my mind, on abortions.
5 Allusion to Dn. 8:11-12. That is, the Holy Communion.
6 After having read the prayer God had dictated to me for Him, He was very touched and with emotion in His Voice told me what followed.