September 26, 1991

My eyes are always on You, O my God.
The close secret1 to You is given to those
who love You and fear You.

You have lifted my soul from the pit
to discover Your Sacred Heart’s Wealth,
I have discovered the Mercy Your prophets spoke of,
I have discovered the Love and Meekness Your disciples tasted,
I have discovered the Peace You Yourself have given us.
In Your Sacred Heart, You allowed my soul
to discover that Suffering is Divine
and Mortification agreeable in Your Eyes.

Then in my soul came a brilliant Light,
and like a tuneful noise of doves,
I heard and felt a Breath slide over my face
and You filled me with Your Mysteries.

taste more of My Secrets, My child, by being obedient to My Law; lower even more now your voice so you may hear only Mine; lower your head, so that Mine would be seen; lower yourself so that I can lift you up to Me;

many a time you inspect the Secrets of My Sacred Heart with your own light; you have only to ask Me, My child, and I will pour in your eyes My Transcendent Light and it will fill your entire soul; see to it then, My child, that the light inside you comes from Me; then, only then, My priest, will you understand that My Works are Sublime, Glorious and Majestic; only then, pupil of Mine, will you understand as I desire you to understand why Humility allowed Himself to be disgraced, disfigured, despised and pierced and gave His Life as a ransom for many;

– I have come to stir your love and rouse it, see? so do not shield your flesh from pain nor from any mortification; allow the Seal of your Saviour to be on your flesh as well as in your soul so that a complete transformation be done inside you; EVERYTHING then that your nature repelled, objected to and looked at with disdain, will appear to you Divine,

Grant, Lord,
that everything You say, be done.
Lower my head, lower me and lower my voice.
I do not want to appear empty handed in Your Presence;
no, I do not want to end up in Your Presence with empty hands.
And those human thoughts my nature finds natural,
uproot them and burn each one of them.

devote your soul entirely to Me and reflect on My Law before it comes upon you; do not forget how your nature had reduced you to desert, and desolation; I shall rid your human thoughts if you allow Me and replace them with My Thoughts to glorify Me; I will give you a courageous heart, My little one, to be able to face My opponents and resist their contradictions; I shall give you an eloquence of speech; an endurance and a resistance to the menaces of your persecutors who are My persecutors too; I shall give you courage to stand with confidence;

you are My seed and because the Harvest is ready, and the crop ready to be reaped, I do not lose time as you have noticed; I reap without ceasing to feed many who are at the point of death; so My beloved, “put your sickle in too and reap: harvest time has come and the harvest of the earth is ripe”; 2 allow Me to widen the space of your heart, for now your Captor will fill you with His Knowledge and His Confidences; I am only waiting to be gracious to all of you and reveal to each one of you My Riches, My Generosity and My Love;

I am telling you today all this so that My Word goes from this generation to the next; and you, who are learning, will, in your turn, teach your own children; if they listen and do as I say, their days will end up in happiness;

so turn to Me and praise My Works; meditate on My Wonders;

1 Meaning the intimacy.