March 11, 1988

Glory be to God!

(After having read the three prayers I heard from Heaven Celestial Voices saying: “Glory be to God; thus it was written;”)


I Am; I am near you; pray, beloved, for Russia’s conversion;

Russia will be resurrected by My Divine Hand and at this peak of Holiness, while My Hand will be posed upon her, warming her cold heart, reviving her, she will arise from the stillness of death and her world of darkness into My World of Peace and Light; with a loud cry she will manifest her joy, beholding her Saviour by her side; I will lift her to Me and My Flame of Love will enflame her heart, purifying her, and leaving her in total rapture for Me, her God;

O Russia, My Russia! how I the Lord love you, 1 how I wept to see you dead; I shed so many bitter and sorrowful tears upon you, beloved, when I lost you, and all Heaven was mourning for you; why, why, My beloved, had you rejected Me, piercing My Heart full of Love and Tenderness;

(I felt St. Mary near me.)

peace upon you, My child; I am your Holy Mother; pray for your sister for the Lord is by her side today and soon His Divine Hand will touch her cold and dead heart; O creation! the Lord will revive your Sister-so-Unloved; be alert, daughter, for her time of her glory is near;

Petro! 2 My so beloved Petro? 3 yes, Vassula; for years I have been pleading you4 to consecrate Russia; now the Lord and all the Martyr Saints have heard your pleas and cries; all your sacrifices were not in vain, beloved; all tears were not shed for nothing, those tears were a balm for Jesus’ Wounded Heart; praise the Lord, Petro; Jesus is at your very doors, knocking;

peace upon you; peace upon you all; I love you all;

1 God was speaking again as no human can speak but God only; with so much love…
2 Suddenly St. Mary turned Her head toward John-Paul II, as if he was present; in pronouncing his name, Her voice was very sweet but sad, full of a special love for him.
3 St Mary had tried to keep back Her tears, but could not, She said those words breaking into tears, She wept very much, shedding many tears and I started to weep too with her. I felt that Our Holy Mother had a ‘weakness’ for ‘Petro’.
4 Pope John-Paul II.