July 30, 1991

My Vassula, let nothing stand between Me and you; like the moon and the sun are steady and follow faithfully their course of nature and do not simply vanish from the sky, I too am steadfast and by your side; yet even if these become unsteady, I shall never be unsteady; I am, I was, and will always be steadfast by your side; when I reveal Myself, in fact when I reveal My entire Self, to you and tell you that I shall never abandon you nor withdraw My gift from you or strip you of My Jewels, believe Me, and do not have the slightest shadow of doubt, I have raised you up to be with Me and follow Me;

so, pupil of Mine, follow your Master, let your thoughts settle on Me; you were dead because you never knew Me, but the Word came to your ear and with a blessing raised you and with the Breath of His Holy Spirit revived you and opened your eyes, then, with a Kiss from His Mouth made you His bride;

– I shall save you all in this way –

do not be afraid when I come with My Cross, My Thorned Crown and My Nails and offer them to you, because these priceless Jewels that I will be offering you, are these very ones I embraced ardently with love; they are the Instruments of your Redemption; – allow Me to use you, Vassula, so that through you in writing and orally I can pour out My Heart on this generation;

hope in Me, desire Me, do not feel downcast; I Am is ever so near you, am I not worthy for more joy?

O yes Lord! But let me feel You more!

have I been with you all this time, and you still do not feel or notice My Presence? I have been preaching to you a considerable number of years and you still do not feel Me?

I want more of You.
I want to be drenched completely
and literally invaded by Your Holy Spirit.

come to Me and eat Me …. drink Me and at no cost at all! eat Me and you will hunger for more, drink Me and you will thirst for more! receive Me with joy and let Me rejoice; learn how My Heart palpitates and rejoices every time I and you become one, united in love; come and get sanctified by eating My Body and drinking My Blood;

Yes, I thirst for You, my Lord.

hope in Me, thirst for Me and soon, very soon, your Holy One shall come and fetch you and take you to His Home which is your Home too; I bless you, My daughter;

I bless You, my God.