July 29, 1991


My Lord,
Your Name is an oil poured out, 1
like those the icons pour out.
It is Your signature, my Lord.
“A spreading olive tree so fair, so sturdy,
was Yahweh’s Name for you…” 2

My daughter,

You are my Creator?

I Am… 3

ah My child, I came not only for you in this way but for all My other children too, to ask you to live holy and turn away from your evil ways of living; let Me fill your hope; I intend to come and visit every kind of misery on this earth and break you free from sin;

I Am is My Name and I am Holy so I want you to live holy; sanctify your lives and turn into My direction; the Evil one has no hold over those who stay awake and pray without cease;

open your hearts so that I enter in you and make My home in you; have My Peace;

2 Jr. 11:16.
3 I sighed filled with joy but languishly desiring to be with Him.