July 18, 1991

(Feast of our Lady of Carmel)

(New York – meeting with Conchita of Garabandal; 1.15 am.)

My Lord, I thank You
for all that You have done to me.
I shall never be able to praise
Your Holy Name enough!

Love is near you; Love rests on you; Love shall accomplish one thing after the other in its own time;

do not fear; your Saviour is like a Watchman; guarding you without cease; the Most High will not abandon you, hear Me, long ago I prepared this, before you were even born I planned it and now I carry it out; see? I am sending you to My children so that you give them your news, and to encourage them thoroughly; have faith in Me; trust Me; I know your hardships and your misery, but soon, very soon now I shall come and overturn the rebel and reign in your hearts, generation; the Kingdom of God is soon with you;

I bless My dear children of Garabandal;
learn that I Am is by your side;

(Our Holy Mother asked me to read to everybody 2 Co. 1:10-11.)