July 12, 1991

My Lord?

I Am;

peace be with you; let Me rejoice and let Me feel you have your ear opened for Me; soul, feel My Presence; I Am is with you every minute of your life; Vassula tell Me, are you happy to be with Me in this way?

Yes, my Lord, and I bless you.

delight Me and try to follow My Lips when I speak to you, when I bend over you, when I look at you; do not pretend I am not there; lift your head, flower, towards Me and absorb My Light; I will embellish you, I will revive your stem; peace, My Peace I give to you; allow Me to use you as My tablet for just a little while longer, then … then I, your Saviour, shall pluck you and transplant you in My Garden forever and ever;

I, your Redeemer, shall resurrect many hearts to worship Me; pray without cease; dialogue with Me, bless Me often for all that I am giving you; tested, you shall always be; this, My beloved, is for your growth; I desire to stimulate your desire for Me, your thirst for Me and ah … what will I not do for your soul to perfect it! had I to make you suffer a hundred scourges bringing you near to death for the perfection of your soul, I would do it without hesitation, to save you;

Lord, this might bring a soul perhaps close enough to give up everything!

are you doubting of My Wisdom?

No, but maybe some souls might not be able to take all this.

I know each soul’s capacity, so trust Me; remember one more thing, you want to glorify Me?


to glorify Me you must go through My Crucifixion; I need victim souls more than ever; pray more often and bend to My requests; abandon yourself to Me and offer Me your will so that I accomplish My Divine Works in you; carry My Cross when I am weary and console My Heart that aches for lack of love;

Abba is near you all the time, delight Me and bless Me;