June 22, 1991

Ah, how Mercy and Love incessantly
cover me and bless me!
Wisdom is my personal Teacher
and She is instructing me and others;
Your Holy Presence
ever so constant by my side
reassures me and gives me
hope and courage.
Ah, Yahweh my Father,
I long for You, how I long for You!
Yahweh, my Abba,
You have seduced me to the marrow.

I preached to you My Knowledge; learn from My Mouth, free; you will one day, commit your spirit into My Hands;

as You have by Grace mesmerised me,
by Grace too, mesmerise the rest of the world;
for instance the pagans, the godless,
and especially those who claim to be gods,
because of their wisdom,
and who claim to be Your equal.

I shall come to their help; now they lie helpless trapped in Satan’s net, but you have to pray for your brothers so that I may reveal My Holy Face to them too;