July 6, 1991

Lord, heal me.

if you listen carefully and bring no objections to Me, no rivals and no doubts, if you come and admit you are a sinner and show no hesitation to repentance, I shall heal you; you belong to Me and I have given you My Heart; this is why I want you to crucify all that is you; let the only marks on your body be those I have on Mine;

if you see footprints that do not belong to Me, do not follow them; My Footprints are stained with Blood and perfumed with myrrh; were you to hear something from someone clothed in splendid robes, let it die with him and give no heed to what he says; I, your Saviour, am clad in rags made out of sackcloth, 1 and walk barefoot; My cloak is soaked in Blood and My Heart is covered with flames of Fire; My Lips are parched for lack of Love,

Lord, heal everyone, everyone!

fill My Heart with joy and pray for all those whose hearts are shut to reason and to My Wisdom;

For this reason Lord, draw us close to You,
we are so weary, walking in this exile …

My Dew from My Mouth will relieve your heart; I shall deliver you from your sorrow; My Eyes look down at the world; they scan each one of you; should I descend now I would only find a handful with My Sign on their forehead;

the Heavens I have opened with the price of My Life, so that they are yours too; I ask you: what man clings on death and not to Life? yet how much longer will you not reason? for ever? how much longer must you reject My Love, disown and offend your Anointed? Righteousness and Justice are sitting on the Throne that is coming among you from Heaven, to tell you that the way to your room in Heaven, the Home of the Light, is through Me; if you abandon yourselves to Me, I shall show you the way Home, if you rely on My Love, I shall bring you to the Room of She who conceived Me, to nurse you back to health; I am not tying a rope round your liberty, I am only binding you with wreaths of Love;

I love you with an everlasting Love and My Tenderness for you is an Inexhaustible Source;

listen, daughter, tell this to the foreigners and to your own, tell them how My Heart aches for lack of love;

(Jesus is sending me to a U.S.A. prison, to witness.)