May 3, 1991

drench me with Your Holy Spirit;
come and invade me with Your Holy Spirit,
so that the enemy finds no space within me,
let Your Holy Spirit subside in the very depths of my soul
to water it and load it with riches,
these of which are not of the world.
Blessed be God.

I Am is with you; have My Peace; I went down into your room and befriended you; I was then a stranger to you, but see? My Teachings lifted you in My Heart and today I have turned your aridity into a fertile soil; My dove, I delight in you, My little one, I live in you; My head-rest I repose in you; glorify Me now and restore My House; glorify your Father who is in Heaven by treating Him as a King;

ah, My daughter, My Mouth is dry for lack of love, I thirst for lack of love; dress My Wounds with your love, pluck My thorns and console Me, praise Me all the time from your heart, speak to Me and do not wait until tomorrow, delight Me and stay small; allow Me, My Vassula, to use your little hand, offer Me your time and I shall saturate you with My Fountain, and the Treasures I shall give you can never be assessed, no man can fathom their magnificence;

I, the Lord, shall make Myself a Throne in you to govern you; and I shall allow Myself, since you have given Me your consent, to follow the passions of My Heart, I am in My Domain and I have full authority over you now;

praise Me often and bless Me; Love is with you;