May 6, 1991

Lord, my God,
who could bring us salvation, but You?
who could bring us back home, but You?
who could bring us happiness but You?
Then: Maranatha!

daughter, the dead cannot praise Me, this is why I shall descend with full force upon you and raise you all to remind you of My greatness, My splendour and My sovereignty; come, write, My Vassula:

peace be with you; My sons and daughters, I have counted My sheep and My Heart is crushed with sorrow, only a remnant are left today who have not been raided by Apostasy; only a handful have not lost their faith; only a few are left who survived the perils of Rationalism, and I, from above, have strained My Eyes waiting for you to offer Me your heart and your abandonment, but this generation’s heart is gross with foolishness;

yet, even if you have not observed My Law of Love but have turned away your hearts and made your own law and statutes, I shall not stand by and see you stray more and more from My Commandments; I mean to rescue you, generation, I mean to school you back to your senses and guide you with great love back into the path of Righteousness; I shall teach you to invoke My Name, I shall teach you to walk in My Presence, I shall teach you to live a life of prayer, My child; I shall teach you to love Me with all your soul, I shall unbind your death’s cords that bind your soul to all that My Soul abhors if you give Me your will, My child;

look, look around you; My Holy Spirit comes to meet you and revive you all, dressed as a beggar with Tears of Blood streaming down My Cheeks; I descend from My Throne leaning all the way to you to save your soul from disaster and from famine; for the sake of My Holy Name I shall demonstrate Myself through these very things you do not believe anymore; I shall demonstrate My Holy Spirit through marvels, through miracles; I shall demonstrate My Power through weakness and wretchedness as never before;

I shall come with thousands of myriads of angels to pour on you, generation, My Celestial Manna, this hidden Manna1 and fill your mouth with My Food so that your mouth proclaims My Glory; Apostasy challenged My Mercy and Rationalism, this plague of your era, challenged My Power;

I am sending before Me, to educate you, the Woman clothed with the Sun, the second Eve, to school you and lead you step by step into Heaven; I am sending you My Holy Spirit in this Night to be your Companion and Consoler and remind you of My Word; I am sending you a mission of angels of hope to expel your fears; come and listen all you who are starved; happy the man I invite to the Wedding of My Holy Spirit, he shall be filled with My Celestial Food and though their faults overpower them, My Holy Spirit shall blot them out in His rest in them;

understand, My beloved, that My visit on earth is not to condemn you, but to save you; who is going to see Me? who will take notice? who will recognise the Throne descending from the Heavens among you? do not resist My Holy Spirit of Grace; I am with you always; pray fervently for the conversion of your era, open your hearts and speak to Me; will you offer Me your will?

O House of Mine! come, come to Me and walk in My Light; yet, when I come in My Great Return, will I find any faith on earth? today I am speaking in plain words; My little children, in a short time Love will return as love; I will come back to you and I tell you truly, if you recognised My Holy Spirit and have seen Him, it is because you belong to Me since the world can neither acknowledge Him, see Him, nor receive Him; ah My little ones what will I not do for you! I am longing to see you strengthened with the gifts I am pouring on you; 2

receive your strength in prayer,
a constant prayer to Me

I bless each one of you; and you3 who came because your cross is crushing you, lean on Me beloved, and offer Me your distress and your hardship; I love you; I shall come to your help; glorify Me by praising My Name;

receive the Breath of My Holy Spirit on your foreheads and be one under My Holy Name;

2 Jesus had paused there. Then, majestically, straightening then not moving, said these words.
3 Jesus speaks specifically to one person in the group.