May 2, 1991

(Message to someone.)

peace be with you;

the coming of My reign on earth is at hand and My Will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven1 and in your hearts I shall rebuild the unity of My Church, I shall not wait any longer for human approval and My Bride shall once more be vested in glittering Glory; the ban of division shall be lifted and the Woman clothed in splendour in the sun, whom I am sending before Me to educate you, will encourage you; I have given Her the power over every race and every land to open a broad pathway for Me;

the smoke that penetrated into the heart of My Sanctuary, staining Chalice, Tabernacle and all that is holy shall dissipate with one blow of My Breath; the nations then shall speak one language and all of them shall worship Me around One Single Tabernacle; this One of the Sacrificial Lamb, this One of the Perpetual Sacrifice that My enemies are trying to abolish and replace by their disastrous abomination, very soon now, My friend, I shall be with you all again; and My priestly prayer to the Father shall be fulfilled: you shall be one like Us, in the Holy Trinity;

I still have hidden in My Sacred Heart many things to divulge to you and show you, for the Treasures I have within Me are innumerable, but they would be too much for you to take now, 2 your soul will not be able to take in everything, but little by little I shall unfold to you the Treasures of My Sacred Heart and step by step I shall guide you into what looks like a Light-House: a Mystery of Unfathomable Riches that have been hidden for generations and centuries; I shall reveal to you, My friend, the rich glory of Hope, Wisdom and Knowledge; be rooted in Me and you shall bear fruit; remain in Me and you shall live; I have told you, My friend, all this so that when trials come, you may not falter;

Love is by your side, Love Me;

1 Jesus in saying this was looking up in Heaven. He said it very majestically.

2 Jesus was speaking with humour.