March 25, 1991

Lord, this week is the Holy Easter week for the Roman Catholics and next week is the Holy Easter week for the Orthodox. I feel it is not right to have different dates and to be differentiating ourselves in You to the point that one hears remarks as: their Jesus is not our Jesus!

I love you all the same, but many of you do not seem to understand this; wretched you are all, sinners you are all, frail you are all, but all of you are My offspring; see Vassula? have I made any difference? I have come to you and showed you My Sacred Heart; 1 I went in all directions seeking by what means I could make you Mine, I showered blessing upon blessing on you to raise you from death and form you since you lacked Wisdom, I courted you and in My Tenderness I Myself have chosen you to become a witness to a people not your own and of whom many are far from understanding why Wisdom has chosen a foreigner among them;

I, the Sacred Heart, am determined to show them that I have taken you, a foreigner, to them, to share the Riches of My Sacred Heart and share Its delights and sorrows; yes, I have come to teach foreigners too of My Sacred Heart’s Riches, today I have made a new song for them for I am one and the same! so pupil, continue not to differentiate yourself under My Name, even if you are whirled away by the breath of My enemies I shall not leave you defenceless; I shall always come to your rescue, My child; if they challenge2 you do not respond, I shall respond in your place;

Scripture says: God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to Him; 3 but men have divided themselves, they have segregated themselves under My Holiness; but wait and you shall see; My Holy Spirit (to the great astonishment of many) shall be poured on the pagans too; I tell you solemnly, these things shall take place before this generation shall pass away; so courage, My child, do not be afraid; I shall unite you all in the end … and the viper shall not be allowed to throw his venom in your food anymore, generation; your food shall be whole and pure; sorrow and lament will be ended; I love you and My people shall bear My Holy Name4 in one in this unity;

Oh that You would
tear the Heavens open and come down!
At Your Presence not only the mountains would melt
as the prophet Isaiah said, 5
but also the three iron bars You made me draw,
representing the Roman Catholics, the Orthodox and the Protestants.

I promise you: I shall not leave My Church divided for long; I Myself shall come upon Her with full force and rebuild Her; have confidence in Me, My beloved one; I shall not put up with this faithless generation anymore; after all, the Father’s wrath cannot be withheld any longer; this is why My Graces upon you will be multiplying: to save you; Vassula, the earth has not yet enjoyed My Peace fully; like a dry soil it thirsts for this Peace I bequeathed to all of you and I, like a watercourse running into a garden, I shall come down to irrigate you; and you, My child, rejoice! for I have taken root in you and made My Home in you; and in you I shall grow, if you allow Me;

pray now with Me, My child, to the Father, repeat after Me this prayer:

blessed be Your Name;
since Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ,
came to the world, not to condemn it,
but to save the world,
have Mercy upon us,
look at Your Son’s Holy Wounds,
that are wide open now
and remember the price He has paid for us,
to redeem all of us,
remember His Sacred Wounds,
and the two Hearts You Yourself united in Love
and who suffered together,
this One of the Immaculate Conception
and Your Beloved Son,

O Father,
remember His Promise now
and send us the Advocate, in full force,
the Holy Spirit of Truth,
to remind the world of the Truth
and of Your Son’s docility, humbleness,
obedience and great Love,

Father, the time has come,
when the reign of division cries out for Peace and Unity,
the time has come
that Your Son’s wounded Body
cries out for Righteousness,
that of which the world has not known yet;
but through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
and the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
give us, Precious Father,
this Peace in our hearts,
and fulfil the Scriptures
by fulfilling Your Beloved Son’s Prayer to You:
that we may all be one,
one in the Divine Holy Trinity,
so that we worship and praise You
all, around one single Tabernacle,

My daughter, love Me as I love you, love one another as I love you; be blessed, come;

1 Jesus means that He has come to a Greek Orthodox and not to a Catholic and speaks to me in Catholic terminology.
2 From laity to priests and bishops (Roman Catholic). Some say I should change to prove myself as authentic by becoming a Roman Catholic.
4 Just Christians, under Christ.