March 24, 1991

Let every creature do Your Will, my Lord.

daughter, the thing I want most out of you is love; I want you to love Me, love Me, love Me; praise Me and feel My Presence; this is what I request of you My Vassula;

Lord, teach us to love You as You want. Teach us to love one another. We need Your help because we cannot love by ourselves unless You give us the grace to love.

I shall teach you by Grace, 1 I shall teach you as I am teaching you the Knowledge of your fathers; I shall supply you all with what you need most: spiritual food; I shall infuse in you all, love and holiness; I shall not delay My Promise, soon all that I have been telling you is going to happen and he2 who crushed you all these years will lose his grip; I will sow love everywhere! there will be no more stumbling in the night;

come daughter, we, us?

Yes, my Lord.

so love Me, do not fear Me; love Me, do not neglect Me; love Me, do not forget Me; this is all I ask from you, soul;

1 Jesus smiled showing His dimples.
2 Satan.