March 10, 1991


(Just before the meeting at St Brigid’s Parish Hall.)

My Vassula, treat Me now as a King and glorify Me by serving Me; My Own will recognise My Voice, I will call them and they shall come;

my Strength, my Stronghold,
my Refuge, my Light and Life,
here I am, I’m coming to obey Your Will.
Lord, I ask You to give me Your Strength
to glorify Your Name again.
Be PRESENT among us
and open their hearts to receive Your Holy Spirit.

I shall be very PRESENT, daughter; My Holy Spirit shall be PRESENT; Justice will prevail in this country; I, the Lord, shall place My Hand on this country and I shall make them feel My Presence, 1 those that have ears let them hear; go now, My beloved, beside you I Am;

1 I saw in an interior vision, the Lord’s Hand blessing all Ireland.