March 9, 1991


(I’ve been discussing with Fr. McGinnity which prayer is the most pleasing to the Lord. We were saying that silence in contemplation was best.)


I Am; lean on Me, I am your support and strength; yes, indeed, My Vassula, Silence is the most efficacious prayer of all; meet Me in My Silence; let your spirit be drawn towards Me and be absorbed in Me, in My Silence; allow Me to invade you, My child; allow Me to envelop your soul in My Love; open up to Me and let your God invade His Property; I Am owns this Property; let I Am free to increase; let I Am multiply His Virtues in you; do not fear Me, My child, when I decrease you; I Am is here to look after His Property and shine in you; allow Me, soul, to encircle you with My Tenderness; you will be overwhelmed by My Beauty, do not look at your nakedness, soul, and refuse Me; come to Me in Silence and as you are; abandon yourself to Me in Silence and you shall live; be blessed, be blessed, soul; let nothing become My rival;

Lord, let nothing become or be Your rival!

fast then on Fridays, this is your due now to Me come;

(I had stopped fasting on Fridays because of my schedules and travelling. I realised that in spite of my travelling I could easily fast but I had wanted it more “easy” on me, by pure laziness and weakness …)