February 4, 1991

daughter, have My Peace;

Take pity on me Lord,
I seek and do not seem to find You,
I call and I do not seem to hear Your Voice.
I do not know where I am walking;
my persecutors are hounding me,
if Your Strength will not uphold me
I shall surely be crushed,
O for the wings of a dove to fly up to You!
God, how I love You!

peace daughter! come, I want you to look for higher things; I am constantly helping you to reach a higher level of prayer; I remain always near you; be strong; I love you to passion and My Love shall remain; – dearest soul, be patient, I shall unfold everything in its own time, yes, everything has its own time; My Spirit has come down to rest on you so let nothing disturb you;

– the prince1 of this world has great power and this was given to him to accomplish the Scriptures; I have told you this so that you understand … never doubt of My Presence;

I am with you to guide your feet into the way of perfection but, My Vassula, no one reaches perfection unless they go through My Cross; learn that self-abnegation will lead you into the path of perfection, I will be glorified and you purified; I know with what reluctance2 and difficulty your spirit accepts this special way I have given you, but this is one more reason why I have chosen you; I desired to have in My Hands a simple and weak instrument, a nothing, to shame the wise and the learned; I wanted someone without any Knowledge; I have chosen you and not you, Me; I am the Holy One who came to pitch My Tent in you; I have come upon you suddenly like a sweet breeze, and like the wind, no one knows from where it comes from;

lean on Me now, I shall guide your step, I shall never abandon you ever; you are living under My Light; you have, soul, inherited My Love; so:

Hope, daughter, tell Me that your hope is in Me,

My Lord Yahweh, my Hope is in You.

Faith, daughter, tell Me that you have put your faith in Me, in all its fullness and I will tell you that your soul shall be rewarded; have faith and exult Me by offering it to Me;

My Lord Yahweh,
I believe and I have faith
in You and Your Promise.
I trust You.

Love, daughter, tell Me that you love Me with all your heart, your soul and with all your mind; show Me that your love is pure, beloved, show Me that you love your neighbour as yourself;

Teach me, my Lord Yahweh,
how to love You
and love my neighbour as myself.

I Am; pupil?

Yes Lord?

have faith in Me, love Me and reach perfection, you are not alone even in your sleep, 3 beside you I Am; learn that Heaven is rejoicing for I have through your pains4 saved a soul; I have with the love you have for Me warmed a heart; do not fear, Vassula, My daughter, have My Peace and honour Me by remaining faithful to Me; despise all that is not holy, thirst for all that is Me;

– I have cultivated your soil to yield a harvest and through your perseverance, (do not take this on yourself) I have worked and toiled in you; I have lifted your soul to Me; I tell you, My Mercy is great! oh if you only knew and realised fully what I have offered you … I am like a mother to you, I am Protective like an over-sensitive mother who cares for her child, I Am; I have in these past years revealed My Face to you, have I not?

Yes You have, my Lord.

I, the Light, have come in you and have given you Light in your darkness; are you happy to have been with Me all these years?

Yes my Lord, as happy as in Paradise.

wait and you shall see how happy you shall be in Paradise; I have prayed to the Father for you that He may overlook your astounding weakness, My Vassula, and that He maintains your strength by giving you His Strength; I have guaranteed to you that you will glorify Me in the end; pray My child that peace may come in this world; love Me, be blessed;

1 Satan.
2 For fear I am wrong.
3 Spiritual sleep.
4 Physical back pains and interior sufferings.