February 5, 1991

Where are You again, my Lord?
Why are You hiding?
Or am I in the dark again
and cannot see You?
Are you withholding Your favours?
Yet I know You cannot be far;
“If my feet have wandered from the rightful path,
or if my eyes have led my heart astray,
or if my hands are smirched with any stain” 1
forgive me.

My child, be blessed! peace be with you;

adjust Vassula to Me and stop listening to the Tempter; I tell you: approach Me, approach Me My child, I am He who provides you with real Knowledge; O Vassula! a Light has shone in you, so how could you doubt? it is I, the Lord, who saved you; – I had said through My prophets that I shall give My Spirit even on the least and the most wretched of all, but, My child, this is only the beginning of My Promise;

I Am the All-Faithful; O My child rejoice! rejoice! because soon I shall bestow My Spirit to all mankind; I will make crystal-clear waters2 flow out of every living creature; – Vassula, I hid My face from you for just a few days so that you look for Me; forsaken you are not;

I was horrified, Lord!

O no, do not be dismayed, how else would I revive in you a spirit of concern? concern to finally raise your head and search Heaven looking for Me, the Holy One? you are from below and I Am from above; you are living in a place where your spirit fails to satisfy you because you are surrounded by all that is not Me, and I Am to be found where your spirit, your soul ought to be languishing and yearning to be; blessed of My Soul, until you learn to constantly seek Me and desire Me, I will continue to put you to the test now and then; it is My pleasure to drench you with My Spirit today and not yesterday, tomorrow and maybe not the day after; see?

Yes, Lord. I finally think I understand now.

bathed in My Light, search for Heavenly things, keeping My Principles; without Me you are alone and you cannot do a thing, you could not even master your thoughts, so I tell you: give your eyes no sleep;

I do not mean to discourage you, Vassula, but from My Lips come Teachings and Wisdom; I mean to make you walk by My Side and in the way of virtue; I mean to enrich your spirit so that I display My Knowledge through you so that you may glorify Me; lift your eyes then in Heaven and look at Me, daughter, and when you see again My Holy Face, you will grow, once more, radiant and your heart will throb again with delight; see? your heart will be arrayed majestically and in holiness once your eyes meet My Magnificence; lean on Me, I had only examined you My child;

I bless you; bless Me, Love Me;

1 Jb. 31:7.