January 24, 1991

My Lord?

I Am; I give you My Peace; write:

(Message for the prayer groups.)

peace be with you;

beloved, you whom My Heart seeks to attract without cease; you whom My Heart loves to folly; you whom I created out of My Sublime Love; you whom I made out of your body, My Temple, live holy … and you who sin constantly, offending Me, My Heart has forgiven you;

rejoice! be joyful! for your Master is not far away, your Lord is on His way of Return; come and praise Me, come … even the pebbles and the rocks will soon cry out on My Return: “blessings on the King who comes!” whoever comes to Me, even in his or her state of sin and is repentant, I shall not turn away;

yet to this day there are some who do not believe in My Mercy nor in My Love; not only do they not believe, but it is they who betray Me; today I am telling you as I had once said: “no one could come to Me, unless the Father allows him;” 1 this is why I am telling you to pray, that all may receive through the Father’s Mercy: Grace; Grace, to be converted; yes, to “come” to Me, it is necessary that one be brought by Grace given to him from above; I shall never reject anyone who accepts this Grace; so do not waste your time seeking objections to object My Spirit’s Works; if I call and you do not respond, you are not responding to Grace; beloved ones, I ask you to pray that everyone receives this Grace to believe and be converted;

the Words I am giving you are Spirit; they uplift, they revive and they give Light in your inner darkness; I have, children of Mine, given you many signs to believe that the Spirit is active and alive, so do not wait for material signs; My Spirit comes with full force in these days to help you now when night is yawning its darkness all around you; how My Heart pities you to watch your little hands grope their way through this night! I am giving you many signs that you may believe that these are the days when My Spirit is being poured out on all mankind as never before, so you who still waver, distrustful and doubtful, asking Me to give you a sign to show you that these Messages, among others spread in the world, are from Me, I tell you again most solemnly: it was not Moses who gave your ancestors bread from Heaven, but My Father; it is He who gave them bread from Heaven; it is My Father who feeds you, for the Bread of God2 is that which comes down from Heaven and gives life to the world;

your ancestors ate manna in the desert; and I have given the multitudes already a forerunner of My Eucharist, I had multiplied the loaves to feed them; as I feed you My Body, to give you Life, I had multiplied the fishes too, a symbol of My Name, a symbol of He-Who-Feeds-You, a symbolic sign of My Name: IXΘYΣ, which means: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, and Saviour; so I tell you most solemnly today that the Messages My Spirit is outpouring on every nation, are not merely words, they are Spirit and they are Life; have you not read what Scripture says: “He gave them bread from Heaven to eat;” 3 are these signs not enough to convince you? today I am feeding your interior desert with a Celestial Bread, still another miraculous food, a Miraculous Food that does not perish but enlivens your spirit, for as the earth makes fresh things grow, as a garden makes seeds spring up, so does My Glorious Food reactivate in you, Life, ardour and devotion; like a spark that can give fire, so does My Holy Spirit come down on you to reanimate this flickering flame inside you into a consuming Fire of Love;

Scripture says: “an unspiritual person is one who does not accept anything of the Spirit of God: he sees it all as nonsense; it is beyond his understanding because it can only be understood by means of the spirit”; 4 the New Heavens and the New Earth are right at your doors now; yet many of you have not understood and see it all as nonsense; these unspiritual people prefer to take all of My Signs in a superficial way and scorn My Celestial Messages; but Scriptures are being fulfilled, for they had indeed announced that during the last days there will be people who will make fun of My Promise;

since I knew that men have an infinite capacity for sinning and that the Enemy would be enthroned, in the end of times, into My Sanctuary, I have, for this reason, kept for Myself a remnant to be the builders of My New Sanctuary, the First-Fruits of My Spirit; as I had once kept for Myself seven thousand men who had not bent the knee to Baal in those days of Elijah, today too, I have by My Grace kept for Myself this remnant, a hundred and forty-four thousand people, 5 all with My Name and My Father’s Name written on their foreheads; 6 these are the ones who never allow a lie to pass their lips, 7 these are My first-fruits of the New Heavens and the New Earth, these will be the trees8 of life which would bear twelve9 crops of fruit in a year, one in each month, and the leaves of which are the cure for the pagans; 10

to refresh your memories, I shall explain to you once more what the book of Ezekiel the prophet11 says: “along the river, on either bank, will grow every kind of fruit tree“, this means: Spirit-anointed priests to laymen, “with leaves that never wither and fruit that never fails, they will bear fruit every month, because this water12 comes from the Sanctuary”, 13 since this water will come and rise from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flowing, crystal-clear, down the middle of the city street, 14 “and their fruit will be good to eat and the leaves medicinal”, like a tree, you shall be, renewed by My Holy Spirit that never fails you and your leaves shall be medicinal; yes, your witnessing shall cure the sick, converting nation after nation, but not on your own; it will not be you speaking, but My Holy Spirit who lives in you;

and like builders, I shall send you from the ends of the world with a cane in your hand like a measuring rod15 to reconstruct My Sanctuary and the altars that lie in ruin and have become the haunt of the devils; 16 pray, My beloved ones, that everyone may have time to convert; pray that Grace comes upon them so that they recognise and acknowledge the Truth; pray for those who have turned to myths rather than the Truth; pray for the conversion of the world; pray that I inhabit every soul, and that I make her My Property; pray that I may flow in these souls, “like a river down the middle of a city street”, 17 sacrifice for these conversions, little children; stay near Me, for a leopard18 is lurking very near by, stay near Me in constant prayer: an infinite prayer;

allow Me to leave My Sigh of Love on your foreheads blessing you all; be one under My Holy Name,

there, My Vassula, this will feed many;
I love you My child; Love blesses you; bless Me;

Lord, I bless You: Maranatha!

2 Jesus now means the Holy Spirit.
5 Symbolic number: From all around the world, a perfect people. (Rv. 14:1).
8 Trees of life = the new-born = the first-fruits.
9 Symbolic number: The New Church. The People of God
10 Rv. 22:2. The new disciples who by means of the Spirit will go out to convert godless people.
12 Water coming out of Christ’s Heart.
13 Water coming from Christ’s Heart.