March 21, 1987

it is I, Jesus; Vassula, will you train, beloved? discerning Me with your mind? 1 Vassula, look at Me;

(I did.)

yes, correct;

have You placed Your hands on the desk?

I have;

Now You’ve crossed Your arms?

I have;

Now You’ve lifted one arm and Your hand reached Your cheek and Your forefinger on Your cheek, the other arm stayed where it is? Like You are thinking?

correct! I am emphasising My presence; Vassula, look at Me;

(You have a book? which You took out from Your mantle from the left side with Your right hand?)

I have a book;

(It’s not very big.)

exactly, you are discerning well, Vassula; look inside and read what it says;

(I try, but I am not very good at it.)

It says…

My altar is you;

I can’t Jesus, I can’t figure out the rest!

try again, My altar upon which I will…

(I can’t see. I think I’m reading wrong!)

little one, what would you do without Me? you must elevate more your soul to Me; Vassula, I will help you; leave yourself entirely to Me, never be discouraged; I will come back with My book later on;

(I did feel discouraged, believing I disappointed Him for not raising high enough my soul. I went as far as to think He will exchange me for another soul. That His patience has limits!)

Vassula, you must never ever believe that I will exchange you; will you believe Me? come, we will try next time; try and discern Me more with your mind as you did now; Vassula, let your entire being penetrate in Me and dissolve within Me; completely;

love Me and amend for others; elevate, I will teach you to elevate your soul; let us go;

1 Jesus wanted me to use the gift of discernment of spirits that He gave me.