March 20, 1987

Vassula, let Me tell you something; love Me till the end for the end will be sweet and I will be with you;

How much You must have suffered!

My sufferings were not in vain; I have liberated you from evil;

I wish You could be happy sometimes.

I am happy when I am among My beloved ones;

Do they make you happy?

yes, they uplift My sorrows;

It’s a pity that we are not two thousand years back to be with You.

I am still among you, daughter;

Jesus, since you kissed me (yesterday evening) and all day today I feel ‘dissolved’ in You, like I’m transparent and tremendously peaceful! It’s like I am hollow …

Vassula, I am Peace; I will always give you My Peace; integrate your whole being in Me and I will dissolve you within Me; ah Vassula, come always within Me and feel My Peace;

are you still willing to let Me form you?

Yes; Jesus, always.

yes, leave Me free to do whatsoever I want with you; I will mould you into a pure and devout being, solely for My interests; you are going to withstand trials with My Strength solely for My interests; My word will be like a rivulet, flowing, then rushing, until it pours out and turns into an ocean, an ocean of Peace and Love;


Vassula, why do you never praise Me? I am the Lord who saved you from darkness; realise who you are; among the most wretched ones, you are by far the worst of them;

(I sighed.)

I love you anyway; praise Me, Vassula, for liberating you;

(I was thinking what to say. I hesitated.)


My God, I love You
and it is through Your abundant love and mercy
that You showed me Your Light;
blessed be Your Name,

(I repeated His words.)