March 22, 1987

serenity is what I love; you will work with serenity and not haste; I have come back with My book;

What is in that book too?

I have written in it a few names of souls; souls who are to revive My Flame, the Flame of Love; will you read where I point out for you?

Yes, Lord, I have been worried about that little book which I couldn’t read.

I know,

(I can see its cover is soft and gold.)

yes, its cover is golden; look inside it and read, “I will make of you My altar, upon which I will place My burning desires of My Heart, My Flame will live within you; be drawing from My Heart and fill your heart; I, the Lord, will keep My Flame ablaze for ever and ever;” will you kiss My book now, daughter?

(I did.)

I will tell you;

(I had a question.)

it is a spiritual guidance for My chosen souls; now you know;

(Later on, the wave of uncertainty and doubt covered me.)

Vassula, do not fear; it is I, Jesus; listen, beloved, all the guidances have their sufferings too; in yours is the uncertainty which makes you suffer; have I not said that suffering purifies your soul? accept it, and leave Me free to do what is best for you; let Me act in you; are you willing?

I’ll do it if it’s You, Jesus.

I am Jesus, Your Saviour! we will suffer together, we will strive together; here, lean on me; come, let us go and read together;


I am here; live for Me; glorify Me by loving Me; come, all is for My interests of Love and Peace; deny Me never; evil will always try and interfere to stop My designs but I will prevail so rely on Me;

But, Lord, can I complain about some things?

feel free with Me, Vassula;

I want to tell You what is bothering me, probably everything I say or think is wrong so whatever I do will be wrong. It’s true I have no real support, by that I mean I am here, writing messages I receive from You. Now, others apparently had the same as I. Other guidances or messages that came from You to other people, but these people were mostly in monasteries or convents; they were surrounded by religious, priests, bishops, etc. when this supernatural approach was happening to them, they were watched carefully, followed closely, then it was easy to pass the writings to the Superiors and from there to the bishop and then to the Pope. They all accepted it as coming from You.

I might be wrong, but it seemed easier for them to accept it from one of their circle whom they knew well and so it was edited; at least parts of it. They were approved. 1 Then here I am, I have approached priests. They happen to be Catholic, for me, as a Greek Orthodox by baptism, it does not matter what they are, even if I was Catholic and the priests would be protestant I am not selecting; we are all Christians. Several priests know about it now. Each one’s reaction differs from the other like night and day. One of them to this day says it’s Evil, in other words I’m possessed, since I’m possessed by a spirit; but I know it’s You God Almighty. Having read a little he made up his mind and does not want to ever change it. When he’ll understand I’m not possessed, he’ll bring up that it’s my subconscious. Anything but You, then the reaction of another one was, “yes continue writing because it’s divine and from God”, so, he believes it’s God’s words; but is too busy to ask or even to follow to find out the ‘suite’. This is what amazes me, if he believes God is trying to express a message, why then not bother more and find out what it is?

A third priest was informed and listened dutifully looking now and then at his watch then, said, good, go on, it’s marvellous, continue writing, I asked him to come any time again and talk about it. I never saw him again. Then another priest was informed, and he said, only reading a page or two, “I don’t want to give any opinion, but we Catholics are warned that evil acts in the same way too; 2 not that I’m saying it’s evil but we are told to be careful.” Fair enough I said, but then since everybody agrees on one thing, and that is: that it is supernatural, why then not take it more seriously, to understand and clarify it?

After all they are people who seek God, the first one who said it’s EVIL then told me, that God gives messages and there are many, many books with those messages all over the world, and it is very common; there are so many guidances in the supernatural way, so it is very common, but mostly in their circle.

Another priest said they are called Divine Revelations of the Heart and they are from God; then he gave an address of one prof. mystic whom I can find and talk with. I know, that if I was ‘one of them’ I’d have it easier. It’s just that I’m out of their circle and my appearance too clashes.

I am Jesus; Vassula, lean on Me and rest; era, O era have you given credits before even glimpsing on My words? are you seemingly glorifying Me and by defending Me unwillingly deriding Me?

Vassula, I love you; lean on Me, beloved;

Lord there are still other things, when I tell You or give You my feelings of doubt, I’m pretty sure I wound You, since I’m doubting, and if I’m not doubting, and it is not You in the guidance, I’m wounding You, because I’m doing this, so whatever I’m doing, I wound You, if I believe or not believe it’s you, whatever I think, I hurt you; and this makes me sad since I want to be the last one that would wound You! I suffer for this too.

O daughter, grieve not; never believe that I am wounded from love; eating from Me is all you do; I am Jesus, Jesus Christ, and it is My bread you are eating; soul, O beloved soul do not afflict yourself anymore; believe Me, beloved one, and feel loved by Me;

Forgive me for being so weak …

I forgive you fully; feel how much I love you; your weakness is what attracts Me most, your ineffable weakness! your wretchedness is beyond words; O come to Me here inside My Heart let your soul entirely annihilate within Me; be My heaven, I love you; have now My Peace;

1 And thus relieved for the Word can lay heavy.
2 Maybe, but for how long? Until masses return to God? Because masses already have and it’s the beginning…