December 4, 1990

You are All, and I am nothing.
You are stupendously Great,
so what are my praises for You, the Holy of holies?
No man can glorify You enough,
yet my heart calls incessantly Your Name
because You have set my heart on You.

your praises and your calls are not in vain; love Me and praise Me without cease, for as long as they come from your heart, they are acceptable to Me;

Lord, You have opened the doors of heaven for me,
and from the Stores of heaven
You fed me the Manna You reserved for my soul,
You gave me the Bread of heaven!

all the words I have spoken to you are Spirit and they are Life; grow in My Spirit so that you become a perfect witness to My Holy Name;

and now I ask you not to give way to distress; 1 see My Vassula, My Cross is heavy and, ah! I need to rest now and then; I said: “who is generous enough to bear My Cross for Me?” and you answered: “take me, purify me and use me as You please;” the Cross of Peace and Love to unite you all is at your charge now … but pupil! since all eternity I had predestinated you this Cross; you belong to Me and for this reason you must reflect My Divine Image; I am He who provides your soul from My Infinite Resources; I shall not abandon you, soul; I shall fill you like an incense bowl so that your love reaches up in heaven like a column of perfumed smoke;

therefore, do not weary of writing, do not weary of blessing your persecutors, do not weary of giving your back to the strikers; you may be sorrowful to the point of death, but the Queen is always nursing you back to joy and life; the Queen provides you with courage and comes and dresses your wounds with Her Maternal Love and Affection; your Mother is caring for you, My child, like She has cared for Me; in your misery and distress, She comes flying to you and takes you into Her Room, 2 that same Room of Her who conceived Me;

so do not hold back your tears, because while you are shedding them in this exile because of the walls My people built in all directions in My House, dividing themselves, I, too, shed Tears of Blood to blend them in yours, so that when the Father sees your tears blended in Mine, He would not refuse your pleadings to lift the ban, for they will be no longer your tears but Mine;

shout pupil, that the whole earth, from end to end, will repent and come back to Me under My Holy Name as one; Vassula, bear My Cross with love and not with consternation; be happy;

1 I was sad because of more persecutions.
2 Her Heart.