November 27, 1990

dearest soul, peace be with you; are you happy to be with Me?

Yes Lord, very. Praised be the Lord.

daughter, when you strain working for Me, I use your efforts and your fatigue to heal other souls; yes, learn that everything you do with a spirit of sacrifice I make good use of it … I am the Teacher of mankind;

remain near Me so that I whisper in your ear My intentions; stay, My beloved, near your God; it is He who loves you most; stay near Me, My child, and allow Me to feed you My Bread; come near Me, My daughter, and with Me you will find no brutality; I will only watch over you and be your adviser; I shall sing to you My Song of Love, a Song that will save you and all mankind; clay you are, but does it matter? I have given you an immortal soul; a soul that shall shortly return to Me; you are without majesty and without beauty, unless you reflect My Divine Majesty and Beauty through the purity of your soul, and this, My child, can manifest itself only if you imitate Me; to imitate Me is within your power;

so approach Me, My child, and offer Me your will and I shall not delay; I shall come flying to you with chains of love, to bind you to Me and teach you how to praise Me and how to worship Me day and night; I shall teach you the hymns of My angels; I shall show you My Glory and My Strength; I shall teach you how to cling to Life; I shall teach you how to prostrate before Me and worship Me; so come near Me and I shall watch over your soul;

But Lord, what do You like in me, the sinner?

your nothingness and your misery…when the coldness of the world becomes unbearable for you, come quickly into the Furnace of My Heart; I am your Refuge and I shall shelter you; your Father in Heaven knows that you do not belong to the world yet He is sending you into the world, to show the world the Heart of your God, and that I Am who I Am sent you; come now and rest in Me and allow Me to rest in you;