November 23, 1990

peace be with you; daughter, do you wish to progress?

Yes Lord, I do.

then, My child, I shall help you progress; this is My wish too; do not fall asleep, be awake of the dangers surrounding you; flower, even though My enemies tear upon you and pluck out your petals, I shall always replace them; should they leave you crumpled up, do not fear, I shall pour from the heavens My Dew and revive you; beautiful you should look and beautiful I shall make you and keep you; you are My envoy and you have nothing to fear of men; if they accuse you because you call Me Father it is because they have not understood that the Spirit of Love you received and that speaks through you, brings you peace and love to cry out: “Abba!”; My Spirit is united to you, My child; I have given you Spirit-anointed Messages for your era to revive you; all the words I have given you are Spirit and they are Life; the sheep that belong to Me recognise My Voice from afar; soon I shall send My Light far and wide, from one horizon to the other; yes, I shall make discipline shine out;

have My Peace, this is My Blessing; love Me as I love you and remember, I am your King, so give your King the love He deserves! be blessed; I Am;