November 15, 1990

“I will celebrate Your Love for ever, Yahweh,
age after age my words shall proclaim Your Faithfulness;
for I claim that love is built to last for ever
and Your Faithfulness founded firmly in the Heavens.” 1

But now a Greek Orthodox theologian is attacking me and hounding Your messages. O Lord, show them that You are my help and consolation, and that only through Your great Love have You saved me and others.

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, 2 My Holy Spirit has been your guide, so do not pay attention to the theologian’s conclusions; pray that she too may receive the Spirit to understand that human reckonings and human doctrines made a devastating desert out of My Church;

Lord, she is shocked to have read in Your messages that You are like a beggar begging for our love.

has she not read: “happy those servants whom the Master finds awake when He comes; I tell you solemnly, He will put on an apron, sit them down at table and wait on them”; 3 I am known not only as Omnipotent, Majestic and a God of Justice but as a most Tender Father and only those moved by My Spirit will call Me: “Abba”;

I am a God full of pity and My Mercy is Boundless;

Lord, she is profoundly disturbed about this intimacy I have with You. She calls it sweet and sentimental!

she has not penetrated My Wounds to understand; had she penetrated My Wounds she would have understood that these Wounds were given to Me out of Love for her; a man can have no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends, and you are, all of you, My friends; I have laid down My life out of love; but daughter, this is the Cross I have charged you with; remember, I am bearing It together with you; to unite you, 4 Justice will have to intervene;

My Vassula, I am with you always to the end; do not be afraid, then, and disconsolate; I knew, My angel, all along that these people would hound you; like hunters, each one would pull out his weapon and pursue you, because I am sending you to a people not your own; the leaders of your nation shall persecute you and deject you and treat you as they please because what I have given you to carry in your hand is not a man’s teachings but Mine; and since My Language and My Teachings do not penetrate them, they would disagree and they will treat you as an impostor; I have told you already that the world will condemn you, but even when they are condemning you, declare to the world what you have learnt from Me;

daughter, if My Language cannot be understood by the world it is because their doctrine is not grounded in the Truth, which is Love; I have deported you from Egypt to a people not your own, to unite My Church, but no one yet knows the whole way to unity and no one yet has grasped the outsetting of My Plan; they have not yet recognised the paths I am preparing for them to tread; the theologians and the philosophers have not yet found the key to Unity that Wisdom holds; I speak but they do not take in what I say; only My Own take in what I say, I know them and they know Me; so, My Vassula, do your work before the appointed time;

I have entrusted you with My Cross; bear It with love; soon there is going to be a time of great distress unlikened to any other, but soon after that a fountain will spring from My House to water this desert; so courage, daughter, bear this bar across your shoulders with love and nothing will go in vain; if clay washes away with the first drops of rain, your soul remains forever; 5 so death is swallowed up in victory;

Love is near you to guide you, so beware of these philosophers and theologians, the more severe will be the sentence they receive! bless Me and love Me as I taught you to love Me intimately but never forgetting that I am Holy;

2 Jesus made it a point to call me in this way because the Name, Sacred Heart, is not Greek Orthodox.

4 The Churches.

5 In other words: “If you, who are but dust and ashes, die, your soul is immortal.”