November 11, 1990


I am; rest in Me; all Heaven is full of joy, this is what you call the beatitude in its plenitude;

daughter, if souls only knew how wonderful it is to live in God, no one would be lost so easily; unless they chose to be lost like Judas; he chose the way to perdition, not that My Heart did not melt with sorrow every time I saw him take one further step away from Me; not that I had not prayed for him; not that I had not cried My Eyes out for him; I had opened so many ways for him to take, all leading to Me, but no sooner had he started one than he came out of it when he would realise I had laid it for him, for to sin he added rebellion, heaping abuses in his heart for Me, his God, when he realised that My Kingdom was not an earthly kingdom in earthly glory; he shut his heart and cut out our bonds and estranged himself immediately from Me; his sense of what is righteous or not was darkened and obeyed the ruler who governs the air;

today I am asking the sick like I asked the sick man at the pool of Bethzatha, 1 “do you want to be well again?” I can heal you instantly, and all Heaven shall rejoice and celebrate! My gift is free, so come to Me as you are; I shall heal you, soul, so that you can share My Kingdom and live in Me your God;