October 20, 1990


I Am;

all I ask from you is love; this is My Theme; I need every drop of love in your heart; I want all the love you have to redeem those who are heading for the eternal fires; when I say: “revive My Church”, or “embellish My Church”, or “unite My Church”, I mean you to pray, pray, pray without cease, pray from your heart, love Me fervently and with your expiations, which will join these of My martyr saints, you will glorify Me; yes, daughter, with your expiations and your fervent prayers offered to Me with love you can alter coming disasters; you can alter natural disasters; you can extinguish the flaring wrath of My Father; God can relent, with your prayers He can relent; you can embellish My Church; you can bring together My People under My Name to celebrate Mass around one altar; you can repair their shepherd’s staff, this staff they broke first in half, then into splinters; for men this unity appears impossible, but for Me everything is possible; so pray and expiate for your brothers;

I need victim souls; I need generous souls to repay evil with love, to repay evil with self-sacrifice; so offer Me your will and I shall make you My instruments of Peace and Love; I shall make you My instruments of Reconciliation and Unity;

our own apostasies are rebuking us.
Forgive us and help us to make reparations.
Bring us back in the love of our bridal days, the early days,
and remind us of the affection we once had in our youth for You.
Do not allow anymore any evil to overcome us.

yes, offer Me your prayers and I shall restore My House which is your House too; be loyal and this special favour will be granted to you; like in the transfiguration, I shall transfigure My Church to have all the radiant glory of Her youth, in Her bridal days; I will do all these things for the sake of My Holy Name, I shall unite you to demonstrate My Power;

Lord, there are other things too. I asked You this before but I would like to ask You again and I do not know how to say it!

I shall open your mouth and you shall speak! 1

Lord, have You not said that the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, will teach us everything and remind us of all You have said to us? Then doesn’t Scripture say: “in the Church God has given the first place to apostles, the second to prophets,” 2 and doesn’t Scripture say: “there is a remnant, chosen by grace. By grace, you notice, nothing therefore to do with good deeds, or grace would not be grace at all!” 3 and last doesn’t Scripture say: “at all your meetings let everyone be ready with a psalm or a sermon or a revelation”. 4 So why Lord, nowadays, are most of the prophetic or private revelations looked upon by some priests with contempt? With one eye instead of the two? And why are some priests and bishops even attacking with contempt Your Messages?

in reality, My child, they are wrestling against Me; because they are suppressing the Advocate, daughter, these people are not objecting to you; no, My angel, they are not; they are objecting to Me, not to you; if they ignore you, My flower, it is because you have grown in the middle of their desert; they will not water you so that you wither and fade away; they keep forgetting, though, that I Am your Devout Keeper;

Vassula, I shall remind you of the parable of the wedding feast; 5 daughter, many are called, but few are chosen; to believe is a grace given by Me; to have faith is also a grace given by Me; these are the Times of Grace and Mercy; these are the Times in which My Holy Spirit is poured out upon you; these are the Times when My Holy Spirit shall lift you out of your great apostasy, to wed you; your era’s wretchedness shall peel off you; because with My Own Hand I shall unwrap your death shroud to clothe you in the garments of your wedding; feel My delight, My Vassula! feel how I already rejoice at this coming event!

My Holy Spirit will come to bring Fire to the earth, and how I wish it were blazing already! these are the Times of the Wedding of My Holy Spirit: these are the Times your King of Peace is sending His servants, His angels, His prophets and His Celestial Court to go out to the four corners of the earth and invite His friends to His Banquet and into His Kingdom and offer them His Celestial Manna;

I have been sending My messengers in true righteousness all the way to their doorstep to announce My Return, but many of you did not believe them, and treated them as impostors, others would not come because they put honour from men before the honour that comes from Me; since I have invited you and you have refused Me, since I have beckoned and you do not want to take notice, since you have ignored all My supplications and rejected Love’s offer, I shall fill up My House and give My Kingdom to the rejects of your society, to confuse you all; I shall give them back their sight and heal them; I shall open the Doors of My House wide open to let them in;

My messengers will call aloud in the streets, and in the public squares, they will be sent by Me to invite the corpses they meet at each street corner, and those who have never been told about Me will see Me, and those who have never heard about Me will listen and understand; I shall be found by those who did not seek Me, like I have revealed My Holy Face to you, daughter, I shall reveal Myself likewise to those who did not consult Me; of My Spirit, you do not want! neither of My Heart, offered to you in My Hand! I tell you this now, before it happens, so that when it does happen you may believe that I Am who I Am:

My Kingdom will be taken away from you and it will be given to a people you call contemptible and foolish, the rejects of your society and My House will be rebuilt and risen by those you call simple minds; they, with their love, shall restore the ruins of My House and all that has lain waste, and it is My Holy Spirit who shall shepherd them and console them … the citadel of the proud shall soon fall into a heap of dust … Justice shall prevail; pray for these shepherds, pray for their conversion; be blessed, My child, I shall not be long, soon you shall see Me face to face;

I Am;

1 Suddenly a flow of words came out of me.