October 17, 1990

Jesus, you have told us in these books many things before they happen, so that when they do happen we may believe. You have told us how you will resurrect my sister Russia, and how You will make an end of her atheism. And look! On the 14th, St Basil’s Church in Red Square opened her doors for You! And I, her sister rushed to her that day, to rejoice her feast! But what I got from her was a slap on my face … Your servant and brother of mine whom I love, struck me. – Your servant refused to bless me, because he said I was going to our brothers, the Catholics, and receiving from their hand Holy Communion. Am I to feel ashamed before You, my Lord? This would have been an affliction I could bear had it not been for worse to come. He said: “This means excommunication!” You had given me a sign before this happened, making me feel Your sorrow by turning my mouth, just before, dryer than wood, and my lips dryer than parchment.

How long will the Christians be divided?
Come, and set our hearts right,
give us back our innocence,
come and make a dawn of darkness;
I thank You, my Lord,
for giving me an occasion to be struck and humiliated,
and giving me the courage to line up with the others,
in spite of my injury,
to go back to him again and kiss the cross he held
and the hand that just struck me.

Vassula, your pain is nothing compared to Mine … even though he drew a sword on you, My daughter, do not despair; there is hope for reconciliation; soon, I shall overwhelm you with a great Miracle; 1 very soon now, I, the Lord, shall adorn My Bride with Her glorious perfection of Her youth; hence a covenant of peace will be sealed between brothers; like the Morning Star, My Church shall rise; the ban will be lifted … like an olive tree loaded with fruit, She shall stand solidly before Me… like a vine putting out graceful shoots, Her blossoms will bear fruit of glory and splendour … and there will be only one flock and one Shepherd … I am the Resurrection … daughter? 2 let not your hope be void, you need not fear; the terrors of the night will soon be over; 3

remember, by your side I Am; I do not leave My Eyes too long on their misconduct lest My wrath flares up My Justice, so I let My Mercy take over; I am curing all your diseases and wiping away with My Blood all the traces of venom, to redeem you all from the Pit;

I am Love, and Love in all His Tenderness is forgiving the strikers, the mockers, the unjust, and in My Holy Compassion I shall lift you all in My Heart; do not despair, Vassula, My daughter, there is still hope for reconciliation and a revival … there is still hope … 4 “do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell;” 5

I will come to bring peacefulness to the brothers and remind them of My Tenderness, of My Love and Mercy, so that they too in their turn may imitate Me;

– do not hurry away6 … come, ecclesia shall revive, ecclesia shall revive, wait and you shall see …

1 I saw suddenly in an interior vision, someone dressed up like a bride, in dazzling white-silvery clothes and all glittery.

2 Jesus turned and looked at me His Eyes full of compassion.

3 Jesus was consoling me, His Words were like a balm of caresses healing my wounds.

4 Jesus was once more trying to console me. It looked like the one who was wounded more was trying to console the other one whose wounds were less grave.

6 I thought it was over and I was getting ready to leave.