September 21, 1990

My beloved Yahweh,
make us once more divine, renew us;
fashion us into Your Divine Image;
this Holy Image we lost.

My Vassula, I shall hear your pleas and like I have rained down on you My Blessings, I shall cover this earth with splendid vestments, clothing her in glorious perfection, and make her people fall on their faces to the ground, in adoration to Me; but first I must descend My Purifying Fire upon this generation; I must descend to pull out the foxes from their lairs that make havoc of every new vineyard; I have told you this now before it happens, so that when it happens you may believe; like rousing a corpse from death, I shall resurrect this earth’s decaying body into a glorious body, transfiguring you, from priest to layman, into a divine people;

today, your generation lacks faith and refuses to believe in Me, and every day that passes, more and more of My shepherds are being taken by the world and the lure of riches; they are aping Wisdom and when Grace comes to them at their feet they refuse this Grace; they do not want to receive Grace in return for grace;

there is a division in My Church; like Cain and Abel, brothers, yet divided; one blood, yet different; Abel was competent but Cain, incompetent; one was sincere, the other not; one was well disposed and pleasing, the other one was ill-disposed and displeasing Me; and today My Abels who officiate in My Church, suffer … they suffer because they see that their own brothers are betraying Me; this is the plague that weighs heavily on My shepherds and makes this brotherhood broken and divided; happy the man who keeps My Commandments, for he shall feel My appeasing Love; happy the peacemakers when they work for peace, they shall be called sons of Mine; soon Love shall be with you, this is why there must be constancy in My Abels who keep My Commandments and keep their faith in Me;

My Vassula, I shall give you the rest1 later on; be persevering in your prayers and be thankful, delight your Father who is in Heaven; do not fear … I am with you; Love’s Eyes are on you;

Jesus is My Name;


1 The rest of a certain passage of the Bible He wanted to teach me.