September 20, 1990


I Am;

come and console Me, come and comfort Me, rest Me; I have created you so that I may be the One and only in your heart; I have created you to remove My thorns that penetrated My Body; I have created you to be the victim of My Heart; I love you to passion; accept My Love, accept My Knowledge, accept the trials with patience and do not look on them with disdain; I have accepted My Cross with great Love, with obedience and I drank My Cup to its last drop, out of Love and to please the Father in Heaven;

I am only disciplining you in moderation, My daughter; if you listen to Me you will learn; My Eyes are constantly watching you, guarding you and blessing you; I am He who loves you most, so do not fear, My daughter, Vassula; do not dread My discipline which will orient you in My direction, showing you the magnificence of My Works, their Splendour and the Riches of My Heart and the Consuming Fire of My Love; have I ever failed you? have I ever resisted your calls when you needed Me?

– blessed nations, blessed people, blessed creation! then how is it you resist My Love and have gone astray to become an easy prey for Satan, allowing yourselves to call My Name in vain? the spirit who is in you, generation, is a rebellious spirit, ruling you all to live a sensual life, an aimless life, a godless life, thus interchanging holiness with perversion; oh generation! where is the Sign between Me and you? what have you done with It? where is your faith in Me? how have you allowed to bring yourselves to give Me up? have you not heard before that the nearer you come to Me, the nearer I will come to you?

keep your eyes fastened on Me without looking to your left nor to your right; let Me one day say: “My child, welcome into your Father’s House; you have been an appeasing fragrance to Me; you have kept My Law and lived holy; you have been fruitful and you have nourished the poor; come then, My child, thrust yourself into your Father’s Arms and live forever and ever in My Heart;”