July 19, 1990

My God! my God!
come and light up my darkness!
come quickly and help me! Visit me.
My soul thirsts for You, my God.
When will I see Your Holy Face?
My soul melts within me …
why do my persecutors persist in condemning me?
O God, where have I wronged them?
Lord, where are You?
At least let those who persecute me
say what crime they found me guilty of.
O God, how I miss You …

beloved, I have not spoken in secret; I am confirming My Word and they know it; you have not seen Me Face to face but I am near you; I may be absent in body, 1 but in Spirit I am always with you; 2 I am with you to bind you all together in love and to stir your minds, so that your understanding may come to full development, until you really know My secrets in which all the jewels of Wisdom and Knowledge are hidden; 3 blessed one, I want you to have a visible image of My Divinity, meaning by loving Me fervently, by obeying scrupulously My Law; and, little by little, therefore, I shall correct those who offend Me and persecute you; I shall remind them of how they have apostatised; I shall give them the chance to repent; courage! I am telling you this daughter: whoever will listen, let him listen; whoever will not, let him not …

1 Flesh and Bone.

2 Jesus very sweetly tried to console me.