July 8, 1990

(Lens – Message for the prayer groups.)

peace be with you all; I, Jesus, bless you all … feel My Presence at this very minute among you, feel Me in your hearts … do not harden your heart, doubting; open your heart so that you may understand fully My Message of Love;

I descend, I who am King and Sovereign, all the way to you to remind you of the Love I have for you and of My Sacrifice; I come to remind you to whom you belong; I have redeemed you all with My Sacrifice and you belong to Me;

if today My Spirit of Grace is being poured out on you so lavishly it is because the fig-tree is almost ripe and very soon you shall be eating from it; you cannot say anymore “where is my God?” the pastures of the heath I shall turn green again so that you find your rest in them; My Vineyards I shall keep multiplying and My fruit-trees will yield abundantly, you will eat to your heart’s content from My Heavenly Stores; hear Me, your Heavenly Father, has He not opened His Celestial Stores in Heaven to feed a starving nation with manna? your Heavenly Father rained down bread upon His people, and from the rock at Horeb He let water flow from it so that they may drink; and I, have I not multiplied the loaves and fish to feed thousands?

O men of little faith, how is it then that you cannot tell the times? why do you now doubt that My Holy Spirit of Grace1 is being poured out so manifestedly upon you? have you not understood that My Holy Spirit is filling you in your wilderness? I said, “I am going to water My orchard, I intend to irrigate My flower beds”, 2 “I shall pour out teaching like prophecy, as a legacy to all future generations”; 3 do not be afraid; it is I, your Lord, your Saviour;

had you penetrated into the mystery of the manna and the mystery of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, you would have understood today fully the outpouring of My Spirit; you would have understood My Miraculous Feedings from your ancestors’ times;


(Here Jesus interrupts me. It is 4.23 pm.)

pray now for Russia with Me;

“O God make her follow You,
O Lord save her soul
and raise her as You have risen Lazarus,
embellish Your daughter
so beloved in Your Eyes
and place her in Your Divine Heart
so that her image reflects Your Divinity,
raise her so that she walks by Your side,
parade her near You and free her
from her captivity,
wed her and make her entirely Yours;

say it to Me;

(I did.)

write, My Vassula: 4 to this day’s feedings;

realise and understand My transcendence and fidelity to My Promise of salvation; I will hide none of the secrets from you, generation, because I will trace out soon an open highway, undefiled, and I shall call it: Sacred Way, leading you to an open Tabernacle; no more lairs for jackals! no more hidden works by night! no more prowlings in the dark! I, the Lord, shall bring everything to light; it will never be night again, because My Light shall shine on you forever; yes, I will set out My Knowledge in this open highway and I shall raise landmarks to lead you to it; I shall mark the road well;

I shall then give you a spirit of fervour to worship Me, your God, and those who are My prodigal sons and daughters I shall take back with great love in My Arms, and they will live in My Light; then all Heaven shall celebrate their return; no man will say: “where is Our Lord?” for I shall engrave My Law deeply on your heart; this Promise is inscribed in front of Me; I will set up Jerusalem on its early bricks;

I had hoped on My Return to find holiness, but I find a fallacious people gnawing on My Body; love, but I hear only a cry of hatred coming out from their desolation; where is the glory and the beauty I had once given them? where is the Spirit with which I endowed them? these Cains have substituted darkness for light and light for darkness; they have turned unspiritual; and My Law that commands and is Sacred, they ignore all of it and trample it under their feet; this era is opposing My Law, contradicting every iota of it; have I not said explicitly that anybody who receives My Commandments and keeps them will be one who loves Me?

in your era many claim to be doctors of the Law but they understood neither the arguments they are using nor the opinions they are upholding; oh how they weary Me with their talk! they weary Me because they do not safeguard My Knowledge nor My Law; I do not come through these Messages to condemn, I come to warn you out of Love and wake you up from your lethargy; I also come to encourage the remnant, from priests to laity, who love Me and remain faithful to Me and reflect My Image: you, who show your love, for your sake I will lay an open highway, blessed; and on its sides I shall plant fruitful trees; 5 your soil will nourish many and no one will be able to destroy the fruits of your soil nor make you barren; you will be all called Faithful and you will be all that is not pride, fallaciousness and rationalism; your fruit will feed starved nations, nations that have collapsed into atheism;

I intend to clothe you all in My garments of old, 6 and rebuild My Church on its old foundation; I shall adorn My Bride in her early Jewels and from your mouths you will exult Me and praise Me without cease;

beloved ones, I am the Light of the world and before you I am walking; still, I am telling you this: there are other sheep I have that are not of your fold, I will lead all these as well under My Renovated Church so that there will be one flock and one Shepherd; go out to the nations and teach them to pray to the Father this prayer:

Father all Merciful,
let those who hear and hear again
yet never understand,
hear Your Voice this time
and understand that it is You, the Holy of Holies;
open the eyes of those who see and see,
yet never perceive,
to see with their eyes this time
Your Holy Face and Your Glory,
place Your Finger on their heart
so that their heart may open
and understand Your Faithfulness,
I pray and ask you all these things, Righteous Father,
so that all the nations be converted and be healed
through the Wounds of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ;

understand, then, that with this prayer you are asking: the salvation of the world;

courage, brothers; My pupils, courage; I am with you every day; preach and defend My Word without any fear, proclaim My Name with zeal; remind the world that I am Holy; teach them to live holy; be gentle like I am gentle, have My patience and My Love; only a little while now, a very little while and the One you are waiting for will have come; I will come as Love, yes, Love shall return as Love in this wilderness; I shall fulfil the Promise soon;

but, remember, My dear friends, what My prophets told you to expect at the end of Times; they told you that there are going to be great tribulations before this Coming and that the foundations of the earth will shake and a great tremor is to come; the sky will appear to you as though it is of an eternal darkness; never fear, though, for I will be by your side; I have marked your forehead with My Seal of Love;

I bless you all, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; Jesus Christ is My Name and I tell you: I love you eternally, be one;

1 Jesus, in this whole passage, mentions the Father, Himself as the Son and the Holy Spirit, showing the action and the presence of the Holy Trinity in times of wilderness.

4 Continuation of His message.

5 The priests of the new era.

6 The Early Church.