July 20, 1990

O Lord,
let Your Spirit rest upon me
and invade me.

let Me bless you; I give you My Peace; let My Spirit rest on you; I, the Lord, will grant you the safety you sigh for; keep firm in your faith because I am faithful to My Promise;

I will put My Love Law into the hearts of your nations and I shall never call their sins to mind; I shall remind them of My Sacrifice, I shall remind them of My Cross, I shall remind them that I am God; and you, you whom I sought and found, offer Me your heart and I shall receive it as blended incense; stay loyal to Me and yearn for all that is Me to efface all that is you; annihilate all that is you by absorbing all that is Me;

pray for the conversion of souls; pray for peace, love and unity; remember, My Love is Infinite, a Love no man can understand fully on earth;

I bless you; turn to Me and bless Me;