May 23, 1990

peace be with you; it is I, Jesus; never cease calling Me, never cease praying, I give you My Peace and My Love; daughter? have you nothing to say?

I give You my poor love and my nothingness, Lord.

ah, I desire your love even if it is poor, and as for your nothingness, little one, always remain nothing; efface yourself entirely, annihilate all that is you by absorbing all that is Me; fill your spirit with My Spirit so that your soul becomes a living torch of light; be transparent, yes, limpid, so that your light shines through you without any blemishes but in purity only; if you ask Me daily to forgive you your sins and if you allow Me to purify you, even if this requires sufferings and trials, I will do it without hesitation; I know your needs;

I do not allow you to sin, I never commanded you to sin, and I have no pleasure hearing your tongue slip, have I not asked you to be My incense, appeasing Me with your fragrance? I adorned you with impressive vestments and I gave you a tongue to praise Me and remind My people of the Love I have for them; be attentive, then, pupil, and listen to Wisdom’s instructions; keep My Name Holy, and keep scrupulously My Law and My Teachings, and I shall never desert you; I am your God and with Me at your side, who can be against you?

be certain that after such a charism given to you without you meriting it, not to refuse Me anything, and I mean anything; so live for Me, do penance and fast; fast on bread and water; do not reject with disdain the trials I am giving you, rejoice when persecuted! rejoice when threatened for My sake! rejoice when attacked by My enemies! these, My child, are the trials with which I shall perfect you;

pray without ceasing; pray, pray, pray without counting the minutes; I shall not spare you, Vassula, from suffering, as the Father did not spare Me from suffering; I want you to be a living crucifix, a memory of Myself; did you not know that the gift of suffering comes out of My Infinite generosity and out of My Infinite Love? do not hesitate then to embrace My Cross; let your arms grasp My Cross with fervour and It will lead you into the Path of Life; if your feet wander from the rightful Path, be certain that My Love and Faithfulness will preserve you, I will come quickly to your rescue;

let your soul be in constant thirst for Me, let Me hear and feel your sighs of love; your forehead, soul, I have deeply marked with the Sighs of My Love, those Sighs I have been giving you incessantly; I have branded your forehead with My Holy Name and made you Mine for Eternity; lift then your eyes to Me and find True Peace in My Presence;

tell Me, then, My daughter, you whom My Heart loves, will you return to Me this Love I have for you?

My love is poor,
how will I ever replace Your Crown of thorns
by a garland of roses?
My spirit ponders this continually and sinks within me;
explain then to me without tiring of me,
and I shall learn,
teach me to love You as You desire us to love You
teach me to observe Your Law scrupulously for ever and ever,
so that I walk in the Path of Righteousness,
direct my steps in the Path of Love as You promised.

ah daughter … I have strained My Eyes waiting for your lips to utter your vows of faithfulness …

Sweet Jesus, ever so tender, Beloved one,
draw me then in Your Footprints of Faithfulness,
let me be sick with love for You,
let me taste Your Sufferings,
they shall be in my mouth
as the rarest fruit of Your Garden.

open to Me then so that I may breathe on you; My Breath is of the subtlest odours, My fragrance is a blend of incense and myrrh; open to Me, soul, so that My Spirit of Love breathes on you; My Breath is Life; open to Me, My beloved, My daughter, I have been panting for this moment to show you My Divine Heart; I came all the way from Heaven to your doorstep to meet you, and now that I have found you, I shall not let you go;

speak soul! respond to Me;

Come, come to us Lord
and multiply Your Seal of Your Holy Spirit’s Love
on our forehead, the seal of the Promise;
God, create a clean heart in us,
I know that You are at the doorstep of every soul,
waiting for their response,
Your Eyes languishing for their door to open;
Your Vineyards are flowering now, my Lord,
and soon they will give enough fruit to feed every desert;
the dead will not come to life unless You breathe on them
arousing them with Your sweet fragrance;
for the sake of Your Love
let this land of ghosts come to life again.

I shall then smile on them and My Light shall penetrate through the hinges of their door and through every key-hole; even below their door, My Light shall penetrate!

Alleluia, glory be to God!

yes! shout, little heart, for joy, your barren lands will bear fruits! break into tears of joy, all you who hear Me; with everlasting love, I have taken pity on you; vineyards will grow instead of thorns and briars; I mean to show My Holiness and My Wisdom to efface this era’s hostility on My Divinity and their so-called wisdom;